Actress Catherine Oxenberg Talks About Her Fight To Save Her ‘Hijacked’ Daughter | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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100 thoughts on “Actress Catherine Oxenberg Talks About Her Fight To Save Her ‘Hijacked’ Daughter | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. hollywood is where the issues are…meanwhile we have to hear hypocrites telling everyone else the issues they have…hollywood needs to shut up and fix it'self….us small regular people should be so honored to have liars telling us about to live.

  2. Sounds like something that has happened to African Americans and other people of color. He is doing actually what slave owners did. Sounds all too familiar especially the branding.

  3. Learning that this woman gave a white girl a name India when there's no roots in it makes me convinced the mother can't teach her own child to look at the reality.

  4. I wish they would remove the audience from behind the guests who are telling their stories. It is so distracting.

  5. I wish Kathryn would have had the people that defected and warned her to get out, with her, when she did the intervention. It would have helped her see the manipulation. All these woman are lacking something in their life. The close ones…

    Her daughter cried when Keith said authenticity “ be as you are” and her daughter cries.
    She is an actress that is always seen playing someone else. At times it can seem difficult always being seen as one person and being a whole different person.

    I feel bad for these woman. Looking for something loss of self confidence courage will. He wraps them in a false power and love. I’m sure many learn and are not part of this close circle.

    How could he manipulate the lot of them.

    He has his choice and keeping them close. As too anyone who claims it’s like this, others can claim it’s fine.

    Bless Kathryn. I could imagine how crazy and heart wrenching this could be.

  6. It’s they fault …why would you give them that type of leverage ?!!! They knew what they was doing

  7. Been watching and reading a lot about this cult in the last 9 months. I think this woman just wants to save her child. I fully believe she knows that her seeking stardom and living in LA contributed in some way to what she is dealing with now with her daughter. She's actually pretty brave to not be embarassed about going public and trying to help her daughter. I'm pretty sure she's not doing it to help her career. And I'm not trying to be mean but she knows her career path has changed. Just feel bad for someone "losing" a child that way.

  8. Wow. Women WTF. How do you believe such nonsense? I’m mean psychics make 95% of their money from women but dang. This is nuts.

  9. Feminist "empowerment" groups do exactly the same they hijack the weak with promises of "equality" making them demand privileges as human rights. And few notices…

  10. He has been arrested along with Allison Mack and another lady that is part of the Clinton Global Initiative.

  11. I am so glad the Me Too movement came about now because it's things like this that absolutely need to be exposed. It's finally finding a way to get to the corners of these horrors and giving voices back to people who have seen the worst of it.


  13. Introduce your child to Jesus, not a cult. I know what i am talking about. Don’t be a cool parent. Just be a parent. Know what a cult is. Im so sorry for those going through this.

  14. Wouldn't you research into the organisation first before putting your kid into it?

  15. The sheer volume of Tin Foil on this message board could cook enough Jiffy Pop to build a pyramid of kernels to space.

  16. Where is mainstream media now that tne leader Keith has been arrested, Hollywood actress Alilison Mack has been arrested as his top recruiter and links to clintons, and other politicians and rich entrepreneurs is comimg to light. Is it now not so bad?.., not worth condemnation?, not Shocking or horrendous.????. Not even worth reporting on?? Typical liberal hypocritical disgusting behaviour. All these shocked women, why aren't you out demanding an investigaton, demonstrating about this??? Many big players are involved.

  17. This is what happens when parents don’t want to criticize their kids or want to be the “cool” parent.. I hope this girl escapes this cult

  18. How anyone can believe that they have to give collateral in order to be part of an empowerment group is beyond me

  19. I find it hard to believe that Megyn would end on that note! GOD Bless humanity, in JESUS name,amen_/l_


  21. That is antichrist branding oh my gosh, you never get branded by anyone, that is going to be the antichrist thing to do, ITS HERE ALREADY, SHE IS THE PRINCESS OF YUGOSLAVIA, MY PEOPLE!

  22. Her B-movie career aside, she always totally oozed class. I was sickened by how that revolting Casper Van Dien kicked her out for Jennifer Wenger, and after Catherine having born him two daughters at that!

  23. Okay, but 125,000 babies are aborted everyday by their own mothers at the baby's most vulnerable moments during that particular stage of their development. What about them?

  24. Catherine got her there and backed out. India didn't. I hope she gets her daughter out.
    Alison Mack should have known better.
    Collateral? Like what? Blackmailing yourself? That's nuts!
    I agree, blackmail is not consent.

  25. Look at Megyn squirm in her damp chair everytime they mention Vanguard………she is doing everything she can not to go full blown Meg Ryan………………..Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I think this is the missing puzzle of the big investors of this cult is Hillary's buddy..the Seagrams heir..Follow the money$$$ Google NXIVM….all should be in prison.

  27. I know all about this cult. The brand is told that it's a spiritual symbol but it's in fact the leaders initials turned sideways. They live in a run down house which should be condemned. They fast for days and days and are given punishments inside a small garden shed in the backyard. The neighbors have informed police and the town people know all about what's going on there and refer to them as a cult.

  28. Clearly the daughter is enjoying herself and she’s there by her own will. She’s not a baby and can do whatever she likes. If it’s a crime surely she should report this to the police.

  29. sorry dear, but then religion is NOT consent either….
    freedom of religion or freedom to brainwash others…
    if you want one, you'll always have the other.

  30. watch the dateline up for August 6th 2018, the whole story not being told, pedogate Hollywood  and Killary foundation

  31. 6 years and you didn't know that something might be wrong? What kind of mother you are? Where is proper communication, where is communication on regular base with your daughter?

  32. Stay off websites for example info wars or the NRA TV or Trump TV or even self-help TV like that guy Robbins
    They are all cult like extortionists

  33. The same thing happened to my family a website convinced my family that all holidays were evil and even with their kids they stopped celebrating because of a website
    Please help us to stop this

  34. Oh spare me Megyn. Don't pretend to be concerned. I wonder if you would listen to the testimony of a child abused in Comet Ping Pong? Or were you TOLD to give Alifantis a softball interview without doing any research whatsoever? Controlled by someone Megyn??? Lost ALL respect for you. Don't pretend to be concerned……you're a hypocrit.

  35. Love Catherine,,,It takes a great strong woman to bring a cult down to save her daughter….Cant wait for the trial,,, and than the movie

  36. Hes a clear example of a con artist…Lies about his credentials ,,,and woman fall for it…Weak woman are easy prey…

  37. I’m suspicious of most organizations or groups that make those claims. She must feel tremendous guilt for literally leading her daughter to them. For someone who had concerns about the group from the beginning, she kept signing up for courses and spending thousands for years.

  38. Her and her mother, Princess Elizabeth of Yougoslavia, are smart, strong and kind women. They are absolute stunners as a bonus.

  39. Concerning her book, Based on the writing quality, you'd suspect she never got past sixth grade in a backwoods school taught by the janitor and the bus driver because they couldn't find any credentialed teachers.

    (No offense to bus drivers or janitors.) She supposedly has a co-author, Natasha somebody-or-other. I question whether Natasha is a native English speaker. Compared to Catherine Oxenberg and her friend Natasha, Jacqueline Susann belongs up in the literary pantheon with Jane Austen.

    Having your best interests at heart, I will save you the trouble of reading this drivel and tell you what happens. Catherine suffers a severe case of narcissism (forgivable in an actress I suppose). In addition, Catherine suffers from extreme gullibility and a bad case of compulsive enlightenment shopping.

    Never mind that (according to Wikipedia) NXIVM was identified as a cult by "Forbes" magazine as early as 2003. In 2011, Catherine introduces her vulnerable teenage daughter India to the NXIVM cult by taking her to seminars there. Poor India is just coming off educational and business setbacks.

    Catherine continues to participate in NXIVM seminars with India for over a year, even though Catherine finds it creepy. Catherine terminates her relationship with NXIVM, but India's involvement keeps growing. Catherine is distracted by her own business ventures and her divorce and isn't paying attention.

    Finally, after an acquaintance who has left NXIVM alerts her and she learns that India has literally been branded (like a cow or a horse, but in her pubic region), Catherine wakes up. Catherine battles heroically in "Captive" to save India from the evil NXIVM cult. She battles heroically to take down the cult and its evil leader Keith.

    To hear Catherine tell it, her heroic efforts were the sole cause of the FBI, the New York State Police, and The New York Times taking notice of the cult and bringing the leaders to justice. By the end of the book, evil cult leader Keith and his accomplices have been arrested but India is still in NXIVM. (Further legal developments have occurred post-publication.)

    Catherine name-drops major and minor celebrities, recounts descriptions of yachts and mansions, and plugs her acting career and her Sexology side project as often as possible, even though they have nothing to do with India or the cult. Catherine comes off as a poorly-educated, easily-duped pretty face determined to put her own name back in the spotlight.

    Cults are a serious problem, detroying families and finances. This book, however, is ludicrous. I wonder that a reputable publishing house put it out. Save your money and your time. Don't buy or read "Captive."

  40. And now big snarky mouth egotistical Megan Kelly has no job on TV. Sure she has plenty of $$$$$$$$. But what kills her hurts her the deepest is, Being off TV is hurting her more than anything. Serves her right. And to think, to think it was Bill O’Reilly who really gave her, her start. The video of her talking with him on his show, which he used to have her own quite often, she gives him credit for her back then, soon to start “THE KELLY FILE.” It was Bill who went to bat for her, to help get her show started on Fox. And she paid him back by stabbing him in the back….

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