Ace Combat 7 – Gamescom 2018 Trailer [WITH RELEASE DATE!!!]

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100 thoughts on “Ace Combat 7 – Gamescom 2018 Trailer [WITH RELEASE DATE!!!]”


  2. The demo on the gamescom was epic to play, even tho the mission wasnt challenging nor had a very clear goal, but oh my god i waited so long for this game

  3. I’ve never played an Ace Combat game before, but I’ve been waiting to try this game for awhile and I can’t wait.

  4. Holy shit, is that Yellow 13? I mean, his wings are orange though…

    This is gonna be fucking lit though. I'm so fucking excited!

  5. If Z.O.E and/or Phoenix are in this game, EVERYONE is screwed…

    Imagine the enemy forces panicking as soon as Phoenix hits the scene. Epic as hell.

  6. ITS FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm unable to figure out what is happening. This trigger guy worked for the Osean's right? But now these three strikes and prisoner thing? So is he a POW fighting his old nation or is he fighting that other country for his freedom in Osea?

  8. one thing i hate about thia game is that its nations are a copy cat from the real world. y didn't they just made it a bit realistic?

  9. WOW! This is gonna be awesome!
    (I never played video games, always thought they are a waste of time, which can be used for sport, or reading, writing, or be creative in other ways, not even as a kid, and now pnly in the past 6 months with 33, married and all, with finally some free time, and money is no limit, while still doing all other stuff, I bought a PC and console, discovering world of games for the first time. I"m enjoying the hell out of them, feeling happy like a little kid, when I see a game like this released. Maybe it"s middle age crisys, but I"m having a blast :)))

  10. So I never played Ace Combat (well I have, but don't remember which one, and I forgot the story) so, is it absolutely necessary to play the previous ones? Or can I hop in this one and understand the story?

  11. It's the same plot every time:
    -Peaceful nation suddenly gets attacked by some evil Communistic nation
    -You start with some shitty jet from the 60's building your way up throughout the game
    -A pilot always shouts out something like "How did they build that giant flying thingy?!"
    -You eventually conquer and then…the end.
    Despite the constant repeated plot, DAMN IT'S FUN!!!

  12. how to make a epic combat flight simulator: step 1: make the engine, planes and combat system… Step 2: Final fantasy the shit of it!

  13. At 0:30 I think that could be the same place from ace combat 5 in the mission narrow margin. The bridge and that corner piece of land looks very similar

  14. Screw that I have to wait 2019! I'll destroy the entire planet! No, wait… I can't. Whatever!
    And I'm not going to play the older AC games. I'll wait until AC7 comes out.

  15. Can somebody please tell me…because it's funny .
    How can game developers make a game that has better or maybe better word is more beautiful enemy aircrafts, uav..whatever you want to call adf 11f, and others than playable aircrafts???
    Game play in general is great, but only x02s as fictional..omg they really fucked up 3 years of hyping people for new game..
    Hope ubisoft will make hawx 3
    God help us please

  16. 2:50–3:01 "Hey can you hear me?" "Anyone hear me?" "Can you hear me, pilot with the three strikes???"

    me: ……uuuuummmmmm repeat plz :^) (if u don't get the joke)

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