A Pro Wrestler Gives Democrats Better Soundbites: The Daily Show

CHIENG: Democrats might know how to rally their base, but when they reach out to Middle America, -they say things.

CHIENG: Democrats might know
how to rally their base, but when they reach out
to Middle America, -they say things like…
-(majestic music playing) For working families
to get a share of that prosperity
that they’re creating, -we need some serious
enforcement -(music fizzles) of competition laws. You’re boring. Single-payer, single-payer…
(laughs): single-payer. It’s like you don’t even care
about what you’re saying. Can you hear me now?! -It’s not working.
-It’s not working? No, it’s not. And it’s no surprise,
last election, people in swing states went for
a guy who said things like… Who’s gonna pay for the wall?! ALL:
Mexico! I’d like to punch him
in the face, I’ll tell ya. Trump honed his trademark
oratorical style– where else–
in professional wrestling. And if Democrats
were gonna fight back, they needed someone
who could go head-to-head with a WWE Hall of Famer
like Trump. And in the heart
of coal country, we found him. Shut your ignorant mouths, ’cause the Progressive Liberal
has something to say! Finally, a Democrat
who doesn’t make me want to change the channel. Dan Richards has been making
headlines wrestling as the Progressive Liberal and riling up
small-town audiences all over Trump country. Hillary! I should have done this
a long time ago! (shouting) How hard is it to pretend
to have these liberal values? Oh, I’m not pretending. But even if the crowd
hates him, the Progressive Liberal could
teach swing state Democrats some classic
wrestling techniques for getting voters’ attention. You want to stick to broad,
brushstroke talking points. Right. So, Middle America would
rather learn about politics through a mostly naked man -than by reading a book?
-Yeah. But Dan assured me that,
besides wearing shirts, politicians and wrestlers
had one key difference. People in politics will say
anything to get elected, whereas a good wrestler– they’re only gonna say things
that they truly believe in. So what you’re saying is that
the level of political discourse -in wrestling is actually higher
than in politics? -Oh, yeah. CHIENG:
But with Congress immobilized by partisan politics, what advise did a progressive
liberal have for Democrats? Let’s say you’re Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell puts you
in a headlock. What do you do? Um, I would reverse it
into a top wrist lock, and then I would stomp on his
elbow, breaking his wrist. -And then the issue would be
resolved? -Without a doubt. CHIENG: The progressive liberal
had some great ideas for updating
Democrats’ messaging, but could he take on
the heavyweight champion of The White House? Unfortunately,
he was busy golfing, so we cast someone else to approximate Trump’s
rhetorical style. (indistinct shouting) Shut up! Yeah! MAN (over P.A.): Introducing
The Commander-in-Briefs! Is it just me,
or is it getting cold in here? -(indistinct shouting)
-‘Cause there’s… Because there’s a snowflake
in the ring! -I am not a snowflake!
-Snowflake! -I am not
a snowflake! -Snowflake! -(audience members chanting)
-RICHARDS: Quit pandering! I’m not pandering.
I’m one of them. My pandering was working! Time to take this
to the next level. Do you know what this man wants?
Let me guess what you want to do with the guns in this country. Just let me guess. -You want to take them away!
-(indistinct shouting) I don’t want to take away guns. I’m just for
really strict background checks. CHIENG: Okay, that wasn’t
too hard to understand, and the audience was into it. Okay, fine. Whatever about guns.
Let me guess what you want
to do about marijuana! -(cheering)
-RICHARDS: I think what people want to do behind closed
doors should be their business. -MAN: Yeah.
-Like hell you do. That is my position
as the progressive liberal! -(cheers and applause)
-CHIENG: Looks like broad-brush
talking points work, especially that
marijuana one, Democrats. So maybe let wrestlers craft
slogans for your next campaign, like “Lock Guns Up,” or “Make America Greatest,” or just “420 4 2020.” But let’s face it.
What really turns on swing-state crowds isn’t words.
It’s action. I don’t care about your
positions ’cause you suck! Middle America wants a strong
hero who won’t back down from a fight, so Democrats, if you want to beat
a wrestler president, keep it simple
and go on the offensive. Fakes news! Ow! Fake news! Ouch! Fake…
(groaning) Welcome to the future
of American politics.

100 thoughts on “A Pro Wrestler Gives Democrats Better Soundbites: The Daily Show”

  1. Ha! This is so true! It's sad that so many people are too dumb to be capable of having a real conversation and aren't capable of showing dignity and respect but there is a point here to be made-that the Republicans really don't know what they are doing and seem to just be getting incompetent and the Democrats have the knowledge and the skills to be able to govern…but Dems don't know how to reach people and use charisma while the Repubs do. And that's sad because that stands in the way of positive progress.

  2. Read Don't Think of an Elephant! by George Lakoff. He goes into all these issues and how to fix the serious failure of Democrats in identifying their core values and changing public opinion.

  3. Forget politics, can we talk about that Logan Paul supporting 10-year-old in his "maverick merch?" Throw that kid into the ring!

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, RONNY CHIENG! The hardest working comedic journalist of our time, who's willing to be beaten to a pulp while yelling: "FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!"

    Children of future generations will sing heroic songs about Ronny Chieng…

  5. What's done "behind closed doors" can affect other people.

    No the weed.
    Yes to strict gun regulations.

    Is that an independent?

  6. I'm involved in politics in my country and I've adapted a lot of wrestling promos for my speeches. Dusty Rhodes's "Hard times" is my go to promo. I also use stuff by Stone Cold, The Rock, CM Punk and John Cena.

  7. Maybe Mr. Peanutbutter would’ve beaten Woodchuck Couldchuck for governor if he’d tried wrestling instead of skiing

  8. idiocracy where the dim-witted wrestler-turned-president, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho is in charge

  9. Hey, Jesse Ventura took apart two veteran politicians as an Independent to become Governor of Minnesota. There are bright minds hiding in some of those big bodies. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Ted Cruz-Jesse Ventura cage match… first, he'd beat him intellectually, then he'd punch him because it's Ted Cruz and he's punchable… and after he'd revived him with CPR, Jesse would record the pin. Oh, to dream…

  10. Has there ever been an episode of this show not about Trump? Just have sex with him and get over it.

  11. Progressive Liberal, please come to Albuquerque, NM. This made me laugh thouroghly, and I can't actually stand wrestling.

  12. Once again its getting clear Idiocracy was documentary.
    Next president of US will prolly be democrat called Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

  13. Man! I don't think I've laughed harder at anything on this channel. Studying in Japan I met an American girl who said one thing that's stuck with me: "Trump is a terrible president, but he makes for great TV."

  14. Remember that movie idiocracy that had a dystopian future where a pro wrestler was president, remember when that was a joke.
    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  15. Interesting how the little kids hate him just cus his parents do. You know dam well they have no idea what's going on

  16. It is increasingly obvious (at least via certain social media discussion) that there are irreconcilable differences between fullthroated Democratic Party loyalists and faithless Democratic Party voters on a litany of policy postions as well as the regard of elected officials. One side has a notion that the other should effectively "fall in-line" and "stop being naive purists". The other believes that the party effectively acts like its "too big to fail" and that the party "needs to wholeheartedly represent the people and not be corrupt". In the court of law, irreconcilable differences are grounds for a divorce and I believe that is what the current division within the party merits. IMHO I feel that an effective way to do this is to take advantage of the unpopularity of DJT and the likely, yet not permanent, overthrow of the GOP in state legislatures, governors' mansions, Congress and the Oval Office between 2018 and 2020. Before power is likely obtained in these branches of government, a clear, executable plan needs to be agreed upon by all candidates and elected Dems in order to enact the divorce process.

    This can be done via Comprehensive Election Reform. This will include but may not be limited to anti-gerrymandering laws, anti voter suppression laws, voter empowerment actions (expanding election day, no excuse absentee/early voting, same day registration, mandatory-ish voting), open/hybrid state run primaries, campaign finance reform (public finance of elections, "get money out of politics") and electoral college review & reform. However most important to the divorce process, federal and state ranked choice voting need to be implemented. This will nullify the "spoiler effect" lamented by many of those against third-party voting. Furthermore, the Commission on Presidential Debates and other debate/town hall/forum regulating bodies must immediately allow at least Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates on the debate stage. Also, rules must be put into place that make getting onto the debate stage and ballot easier for all hard-working candidates.

    In order to receive the immediate party unity that apparently held in such high esteem, it is strongly encouraged that all candidates and elected Dems agree to this Comprehensive Election Reform Pact. Failure to agree could result in consequences (for Dem party) similar to the elections between 2010 and 2016 on all levels of government. Since nothing in this reform is abhorrently objectionable in nature, it should behoove wholesale, full-throated agreement. Once in power (respectively for each level of government), this Comprehensive Election Reform agenda must be signed into law and executed upon within the first 100 days in power for that branch of government.

  17. For people complaining that Hillary isn't a progressive liberal, you miss the point of being a Heel wrestler in coal country. THEY think she is, and this guy is playing her up to troll them and make them boo him hard.

  18. This is like that episode of Fairly OddParents when Vicky mix the wrestling channel with the political debate channel.

  19. The idiocracy is truth. One thing should frighten the top 1%. The difference between toppling another country and dividing their spoils is 20 years. If the population impedes seeing the bottom s children will be on the front line? No way to afford a family now? Why? Look at your checking account? Then envision handing all of it over to your new ruler and overlords? Cuz that is eBay will happen. Your greed is not only going to destroy us but our entire country? Please tell me nobody sees this inevitable fact? Ask any historian what has won wars? Such an unscathed topic of mass proportions. Our time is coming assholes but yours too. Just remember you cant use that gold in the after life. Water doesn't work there either, in fact, I heard there is no water. Bring some suntan lotion.

  20. Somehow everytime I watch ´murican news i get the feeling the idiocrazy is progressing further and further

  21. Screaming fake news while getting your chest kicked in might be the funniest truest thing to happen in the last 2 years XD

  22. I was the person that got a hold of his shirt at Cooter's Last Stand in July 2017 and threw it on one of the big tops… Should've threw it inside one of the port-a-potties XD

  23. Perfect heel in coal country. Seen this guy work on Appalachian Mountain Wrestling. Everyone HATED him. Hottest crowd reaction of the night for sure. Good in ring performer as well. As a wrestler, would love to work with him at some point.

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