Mass Effect andromeda can be a little intimidating for anyone who isn’t familiar with the previous Mass Effect games, Here.

Mass Effect andromeda can be a little intimidating
for anyone who isn’t familiar with the previous Mass Effect games, Here are a few beginner’s tips to help you
start your Mass Effect: Andromeda playthrough in a strong way. Scan everything you see, You have a scanner, you can scan many things
all over the world from plants to aliens to random tech. Scannable items are a darker orangey red when
peering through the scanner interface, if you scan them you will gain Research Points. Now, these research point will become very
valuable as they can be used to purchase research toward blueprints that allow you to craft
various weapons and armour from Milky Way tech to Andromeda and Helius Tech. Bioware have said that while you don’t have
to scan things and can just play the game without going that route, some of the best
items in the game can only be obtained through crafting, so it’s really worth getting those
research points in early. You will periodically pick up salavage items,
these can be found in the resources section of your inventory, These are only good for selling for credits,
so be sure to sell them to the next vendor to keep from filling your bags before you
know what to do with your loot. Combat works a little different in Andromeda
compared to the previous trilogy. A big change is taking cover. Ryder will automatically take cover behind
anything where it is possible provided you have your weapon drawn, there is no crouching,
it’s all automatic. This takes a little getting used to but it’s
actually a very cool feature. Your health can only be restored through the
ammo drops around the battlefields, there are no portable health packs, so similar to
ammunition, you have to walk over them to restore your health and ammunition. You can tell if it is one that can restore
health via a red square with a red circle within it. You cannot jump, but there is a jetpack boost
function when you are wearing your armour, it gives you a quick and substantial boost
jump, which is rather awesome and makes traversing battlefields more exciting. But to use this to it’s full potential, when
storming the enemy cover, you can pull moves of jumping above them and hold down the aim
button to hover in mid air for a short time allowing you to surprise the enemy with face
melting power from above. Take a good 20 minutes to look over the skills
menu, within the skills menu is you and your team, here is where you can spend the skill
points you gain from leveling up. Your team also gains skill points, you get
to choose what points go where for you team aswell as yourself. Your team mates are a far more simplistic
bunch with a small selection of skills to choose from. You however are far more complex and have
3 main routes to go, Combat, Biotic and Tech. You don’t need to commit to anyone one and
can pick and choose abilities and skills from each route, beyond that each skill has it’s
own sub progression, they start off simple with more choices coming on later. Don’t worry if you accidentally select a skill,
provided you have yet to confirm your choices for that round they won’t be in effect. And in general, Quests will give you experience
at a more faster rate than simply grinding mobs, so get into the story, and get some
better rewards along the way. That’s it for the super early tips, more advanced
guides will be coming in the next days and weeks going into detail about every aspect
of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Until then, earn those Research Points, Complete
Those Quests, and explore far and wide with your Nomad as some of the best stuff is hidden
out there waiting to be found. Like, Share, Subscribe & have an awesome day

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