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(police sirens wailing) (phone beeping) (police sirens wailing) (protestors yelling in foreign language) (dramatic music) (tear gas cannons fire) (people.

(police sirens wailing) (phone beeping) (police sirens wailing) (protestors yelling in foreign language) (dramatic music) (tear gas cannons fire) (people yelling in foreign language) (police sirens wailing) (gentle music) (chattering in foreign language) – Hong Kong has always been a
place that embraces contrasts. (gentle music) It’s caught in between
its British colonial past and its future that’s so
intertwined to China’s. Hong Kong was handed back
from the UK to China in 1997 under an agreement called
One Country, Two Systems, and it was promised that
life would remain the same for 50 years in terms of things
like freedom of expression, the guarantee of human
rights, and the rule of law. These values are what
protestors are fighting on the streets to preserve. Hong Hong has always positioned itself as a place where East meets West, and the rule of law is what
gives Hong Kong its status as a global financial hub. Things like it’s legal
system, western values, and way of doing business. Foreign countries choose to
use Hong Kong as a conduit for their foreign investment into China, and has also been China’s
gateway to the world. Everything that’s been going
on in the past six months has really prompted not
just the protestors, but everyone in society
to really think about the future of the city and
what will happen in 2047. (crowd chattering) – [Kristie Lu Stout] Hong
Kong, this last week, we have seen reach a new boiling point, a level of violence we
have never seen before. – The increasingly
violent reality since June is hurting Hong Kong’s economy. (crowd chattering) (people screaming) (teargas cannon fires) (woman screams) – Behind me, about 1,000 police and tens of thousands of
protestors are facing off. (dramatic music) (people chattering) – [Natasha] You see many young
people in the front lines coming out week after week, and they’re talking about their future. A much broader part of
society is also coming out, because they have heeded
the young people’s calls and have come out to say, “Look, we’re standing
by these young people, “because they are the future of the city. “The future belongs to them.” (people chattering in foreign language) (siren blaring) (crowd yelling) (speaking in foreign language) (crowd clapping) – Carrie Lam is the chief executive, kind of the quasi-governor of Hong Kong, probably one of the worst political jobs you can have on the planet, because you have two constituencies: one, the people of Hong Kong, and the other, the Communist
Party and Xi Jinping in China, and it’s impossible to
serve those two masters. There comes a time in 2019
when Carrie Lam sees a moment to push a law that would
allow Hong Kong residents to be extradited to
Beijing to be prosecuted under their more opaque system. For many in Hong Kong, it was the end of One Country Two Systems, and
that was the dividing line between maintaining western values and being kind of swallowed
up by mainland China. – [Kristie Stout] Let’s
now bring in Denise Ho. She has become a symbol
of the city’s struggle for civil freedoms from mainland China. – If the extradition bill passed, then Honk Kong would become
just another China city that is controllable to
the Chinese government, and they could extradite anyone
at any time as they please. (sirens wailing) I have been on the
streets many, many times. I am a singer, so I am one of the more, I’d say recognizable
faces of this movement, which is largely anonymous. We had a very low point
the past 4 1/2 years after the Umbrella Movement, where people were very disappointed. (crowd chanting in foreign language) – [Natasha] In 2014,
Hong Kong had one of its biggest democracy movements. It was called the Umbrella Movement. They were fighting so
that they could choose a leader of Hong Kong
through One Person, One Vote. The movement ended after 79 days, and the protestors did not get
what they were fighting for. 2019 is a continuation of 2014. It’s a resurgence of that
yearning for democracy. – If this extradition bill
was implemented in Hong Kong, it would mean that this firewall between the two systems would be eroded. (crowd chants in foreign language) – [Man On Megaphone] Say
no to extradition to China! – Right now I hear you’ve got
tens of thousands of people. Wow, you can really… Okay, it’s definitely teargas being fired. – [Natasha] June 16th was a
historic day for Hong Kong, when an estimated two million
people took to the streets. They wanted the extradition
bill to be fully withdrawn. – On July 1st, the protestors broke into the Legislative Council
and took over the building. (alarm bell ringing) We’re standing under the
Legislative Council, or LegCo, which is the focus of
the protestors’ anger. This is the quasi-democratic
government building that governs Hong Kong under
One Country, Two Systems. The LegCo is set up to maintain a majority of pro-Beijing lawmakers, and that has fueled the
anger of the protestors. (crowd chanting in foreign language) – The central nervous
system of these protests has been the closed messaging
app called Telegram, and also a Reddit-like
website called LIHKG. This was a technology that led up to the invasion of the LegCo on July 1st. Messages started going around on Telegram, “Hey, we’re looking for volunteers, “people who are willing to
go into LegCo and occupy it.” The messaging apps have
allowed for these protests to move a kind of hyperspeed. The protestors’ slogan is “Be Water.” Be formless and move in the moment. – Previously, we are more
accustomed to this mentality that this fight for freedom
should be peaceful protests, but then an action that
came from these people who went into the LegCo,
that changed the whole course of this fight for freedom in Hong Kong. – [Andrew Ross] Markets
investors of course watching all of this closely. – [Sue Lannin] It’s been
two months now of protests. Retail sales are really being hit. – [Natasha] Protestors
began targeting businesses with China connections,
especially those that they felt was against their cause. Hong Kong has always been quite vulnerable to the US-China trade tensions and a slowdown in the Chinese economy. Hong Kong had already
been caught in the middle, and its economy affected. (crowd chattering) – When you are facing this government who does not respond to these calls for human rights and democracy, you have to think how
to make them respond, and what do they care most about? They care about the economy,
they care about money, basically, and so the
airport was one of the places where that would be disrupted. – On the nights of the
12th and 13th of August, we came on the train that takes people from Hong Kong island into the airport. And what we saw immediately was thousands and thousands of protestors. (crowd chattering) And they basically locked
the whole place down. – Hello, hello. I was at the airport in the first day. There were huge amount of people. (crowd chattering) – All of the outbound flights
to the 200 destinations this airport serves completely
shuttered for the evenings, and it was a huge moment in Hong Kong, because it was the
moment where this wasn’t just about Hong Kongers
and local people any more, but it really hit the place as an international financial center. The airport is really a symbol
of the city’s global status. It acts as a hub for western
businesses accessing China and Chinese businesses
accessing the rest of the world. There’s a lot of people living here, expats working for
multinational corporations. A lot of companies choose
to make this their Asia HQ. The rule of law is very
important to western investors. They need to know that their contracts are going to be honored, and
also that their employees can operate here in a well-understood and reasonable legal system, a little bit different
to the way things work in mainland China. The Hang Seng Index, which is
Hong Kong’s main stock index, fell to its lowest level
since the protests started. The market reaction to the protest and what was going on here in the airport, in general, was a symbol
of this sort of threat to Hong Kong’s financial status. (crowd yelling) – The second day, people were
I guess a little bit desperate to get the effects that they wanted, so then somehow they resorted
to more aggressive ways. (crowd chattering in foreign language) – Because of the detention
by the protestors of a couple of people that they believed were from the mainland, and they thought they were spying on them, and the violence that was perpetrated effectively against those people is what caused the police to come in here. (people yelling) – We ran outside of the airport because we thought that the
police were leaving the scene. They were getting into their vans, and they were driving away. (siren wailing) A small group of police officers rushed back into the airport. We were just on the other side here filming through the glass. (crowd yelling) He had his baton taken off him, he had his shield taken off him. He was being beaten against the wall, and eventually, he drew his pistol, and he pointed it at the protestors. As soon as it was finished,
we put it up on Twitter, and it immediately went viral. – [Reporter] This was the scene earlier at Hong Kong International Airport, as police in riot gear fought
with all these protestors. (crowd yelling) – Videos and photos shared
by protestors on the ground has been such an integral
part of this movement. A lot of people are just
watching these clashes in their city unfold in real time. It’s really propelled the movement. The movement started with opposition to that extradition bill,
but it has since widened to five demands of the protestors that they want the government to meet: the withdrawal of the extradition bill, a judge-led independent
inquiry into how police have handled the protests, amnesty for all arrested protestors, the removal of the designation
of any protests as riots, and finally, true democracy. (crowd chanting in foreign language) – The government will
formally withdraw the bill. – [Matt Bradley] In
addition to this withdrawing of the extradition bill, they want some more democratic norms. (crowd chanting) – [Lisa Millar] Hong Kong
pro-democracy activists are making it clear they’ll
do everything possible to disrupt celebrations to
mark the 70th anniversary of Chinese communist rule. – October 1st was the 70th anniversary of the founding of communist China. All across the country,
there were celebrations. In Hong Kong, it was one
of the most violent days the city had seen in years. (teargas cannon fires) (crowd yelling) (crowd chanting) (people yelling) (man yelling on megaphone) (teargas cannon fires) (gun bangs) (gentle music) (gentle music) – For this whole situation to come to some sort of resolution, it really has to be
kickstarted by the government, because there’s no way for the people to be able to suddenly back
down with nothing in hand. – [Trevor Ault] Carrie Lam
has just announced a ban on protestors wearing masks. – [Ramy Inocencio] You
can still see people are wearing masks in defiance. – [Kristie Lu Stout] The city faces two consecutive orders of contraction. That’s the technical
definition of a recession. – [Ian Pannell] 500
protestors are still holed up inside Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University. (man speaking foreign language) – [Natasha] There’s been
an escalation of force from both the protestors and police. Some of the fiercest battles
were on the universities, because the nature of
the clash had changed from taking to the streets
to defending a certain area. (explosion rumbles) After six months of protests, the city has officially
been tipped into recession. Protests have been one factor in this. The streets are emptier. Tourism is a big component
of the economy in Hong Kong, and that’s definitely suffered a big dent. It’s uncertain still
how this is gonna unfold and whether there will really
be an end to this crisis. – This is a very new Hong
Kong that we’re seeing, this solidarity among the people, the new Hong Kong identity. Who would have thought that Hong Kong would be able to sustain this fight against this huge machine
that no other country would be willing to come
against in such a fashion. – Where is this all headed
is really difficult to say. A lot of it depends on what
is in the mind of one man, Xi Jinping, who has a range
of options before him, from allowing Hong Kong to
have the kind of autonomy that the city’s residents clearly want, or using the overwhelming
power of the Chinese economy and Chinese military
to crush this movement once and for all. – The Chinese government
has to be a bit cautious about how it handles
the protest situation, because precisely the things
that make Hong Kong valuable are at risk if they crack down too hard. – It would obviously alter a lot of calibrations of companies, and it’s raising a lot of
questions among the people here about the place they wanna live in. (people chattering in foreign language) (people chattering in foreign language) (gentle music)

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  1. Protesters militant violence behavior and destructiveness along with firebombing, laser lighting and bow n arrow use has only made matters worse. Protesters are to blame for if all along with outside dark forces aiding them.

  2. 巿井流民技兩 , 無中生有, 捩橫折曲, 鎖埋這班中聯辦 , 港澳辦 – 成班蒸生瓜, 禍港災星 ! 
    唉 … 陰公囉 , 鄭若驊 ( 律政司 ) 給中央夾回港 . 塞班垃圾公僕給港人歎 ! 瘀盡法學界 .
    (鄭若驊, 普通跌傷要一年半載不回港 … 大聲 .. 大聲與港同行 ! ) .
    銀行按揭事件, 香港人一定追究 .
    又一實証, 有事我走先, 這就是大陸支持的 " 愛國愛港 " . 沒有一點貢獻, 祇有貪 ! 數年時間祇做這些 … 貪官去了哪 ? 交還貪腐資產 . 2019-11-09- 張曉明又狂卸膊, 你不是剛來港, 怎會不知貪腐弄至香港大亂 .  
    貪腐不提不報, 一鍋粥, (中聯辦 , 港澳辦 支持香港貪腐橫行, 有否策劃今次的
    香港大亂 ? ) 13 億的叛徒 ! 香港人要另立新政府 ! << 廉潔香港, 才有生機 >>  中國副總理韓正大聲 ..大聲 支持林鄭月娥班貪官打殘香港, 沒能力掌管香港事務,
    就套用.. 知而不理 .. 的最最最差管理學 ? 亂翕大讚求求其其說支持 ! 喂 … 香港大亂, 巿民被打被傷受冤受害, 林鄭月娥功德在何處 ? 大示威 … 應是1997年回歸時出現, 何解在 2014 和 2019 年發生 ?
    香港人支持中國 , 但回歸22年, 治理香港就是這班貪官/籐瓜族 , 弄至香港貪腐橫行 ,  無法無天 ! " 止暴制亂 " , 真搞笑 — 神又係貪官, 鬼又係貪官, 大搞特搞, 保貪權 !
    數年一鑊搞屎搞棍亂香港 , 2014 佔中後, 梁振英/籐瓜族 – 貪腐更上一層,
    目無法紀 , 億億聲 … 大貪特貪 . 大陸支持的反骨仔 <林鄭月娥,曾任權,梁振英,董建華 …民建聯 , 工聯會, 愛國愛港 輩>
    齊齊搵食 …弄至香港瓣瓣死 , 民生死 … 教育死 … 經濟死 … 法制死 ! 不能維護香港,中聯辦 , 港澳辦 ,不能維護香港,完全違背國策, 鄧小平老先生對港人承諾 !
    香港人要緝拿中聯辦 , 港澳辦 , 張曉明, 王志文弄致香港大亂 . 香港新一代不能再被打殘 ! < 香港人一定要支持埋身肉搏打香港貪官 >2017 年 香港行政長官選舉 – 公認合法侯選人: 黃文康  (simon wong)香港人要公審貪腐工程, 貪官/籐瓜族 – 自定超高建造費 << 瓜分香港公帑 >> .
    香港人 要向中央追回 << 萬億 >> 貪腐基建公帑 …
    瑞士 全球最長/最深的鐵路隧道 – 16 億 (1 公里) …
    香港 將軍澳 – 藍田隧道 3.8公里 , 造價 151 億      – 39 億 (1 公里) …

  3. < 老牌公僕新昌物業管理 – 貪污案 > 法制死 ! 神又係貪官, 鬼又係貪官, 大搞特搞, 保貪權 ! 老牌公僕貪腐公司 << 新昌 >> 受賄案, 為何不審 –  << 新昌物業管理 公司>>  …受賄案 … 董事走佬, 公司改名 .. 當沒事 .新昌新昌物業管理也走佬 … 公司 – 改名 << 昇捷控股  ( Synergis Holding Ltd.) >> –
    新昌管理集團貪污案 ….  香港貪官 – 擺明車馬 – 齊齊搵食, 不依法辦事 …  … 法庭披露 – 2015-July-03 …..
    新昌管理集團高層及物業經理涉嫌收受賄款, …..新昌有這強大退休高官背景 … 視法律法則如無物 … 樊卓雄 – 新昌董事總經理 (前房署職員) ….. (王英偉 – 副公務員事務司 ), ( 葉澍堃  – 勞工處長  ), ( 黃燦光 – 警務處副處長 ) … 刑不上貪官/籐瓜族 ….香港法律…死亡, …..新昌 (Synergis Holding Ltd.)物業管理公司…..收黑錢者 – 貪官去了哪?新昌 (Synergis Holding Ltd.)物業管理公司…..收黑錢者 – 貪官去了哪?
    發明家 黃文康 一家被新昌(Synergis Holding Ltd.)物業管理公司 和
    信和物業管理公司迫離家園 , 還害至家破人亡 !

  4. How about the old man who was rocked to death by the freedom fighters? Or the one who was set on fire simply because of having different political opinion? Let alone the full-length clip that shows the roiter attacking the policy with heavy metal object has already justified the shooting. I'm just so impressed by how proficient Times is at twisting and ignoring actual incidents. Not even CCP press media can compare.

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  7. "The relationship between police and the citizens has deteriorated." He is almost right, but too naive to realize his mistake. The more truthful statement is, "The relationship between the law and the citizens has deteriorated."

  8. I need to clean up one of his quotes yet again. "This incident [a rioter being shot in the chest] has stirred up discontent on our society. People now realize (erroneously) that the police are using excessive force. This shocked a lot of 'stupid' people.

  9. There were freedom of speech and rule of law before these sponsored rioters and terrorists showed up. The future DOES NOT belong to them. They DO NOT deserve Hong Kong. These pests of the society had ruined the future for the next generations. Can't wait for 2047 to serve the final verdict.

  10. Shame on WSJ, another video that tells half of the story…. Natasha Khan should do more fact checking before reporting. Hong Kong was PEACEFUL and FREE prior to June 2019 before these “rioters” taken these away from the ordinary residents of HongKong by blocking roads, destroying public and private properties, mob beating people with different views from them, kill a 70+ man with brick throwing, setting a man on FIRE because he disapproved of their destructive actions on the MTR, massive numbers of petrol bombs, etc etc …

  11. whose future? Hongkong's future or only protesters future ? who authorities them to represent 8 million people? will others except protesters be all dead in 2047? , and what about those who will be borned from now on and before 2047 ? the truth is : future hongkong belongs to all living hongkers,, not just the protesters, aka so called Young people. no one can be represented, but themselves. far more voices are needed about Hongkong s future , not just from protesters.

  12. Hk is in decline. Thanks to mindless Hkroachs.
    It contributes just about 2% to China gdp now. By 2047 it is relatively insignificant to China economy.
    The western value fails to detect much of HK wealth are in the hand of filthy rich families.

  13. I love how they band together and fight as a unit. If this were America, It would be total chaos. 10x worse because Americans are self centered and selfish.

  14. IN A NUTSHELL: Parents are more patriotic because they had no freedom under British rule. Hence, supporting CCP as they're not an outsider like Brits. Young people who born in the 80s or 90s lived under western democracy (kind of) under 1 country 2 systems for their entire life, that's why they don't want to change their governing system. If you've been to both Mainland and HK, you can feel the sheer difference between Mainland city and HK. Ideological conflict indeed is a complex thing..

  15. in my opinion the so called "protesters" look a lot more like vandals or criminals , the fight for freedom can't be violent.

  16. 有普選就可以止暴制亂, 就是這麼簡單


  17. Wow, tears in my eyes watching this video because of the hope, perseverance, and pride humanity holds for one's life, place of living, and standard.

  18. at first I was really upset at how brutal the Chinese dictatorship is… but then I remembered trump said the WSJ is fake news, so no need to worry, these are all lies

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    I love to see the Hong Kee brats suffer. China should smack these Hong Kees real hard !

  20. The government serve the people, the police protect the people. The people pay tax to keep the government and police fed. Now things is just messed up.


  22. I wholly sympathize with the HK pro democracy movement, in Venezuela we also had several civil uprises against the regime, the painful lesson was that a movement of that nature cannot be sustained indefinately, it needs a political and civic orientation to sustain the public support and prevent it from further alienating a part of the populus that while may agree with the overall intention of the movement could eventually back out from supporting it out of sheer exhaustion. Beware of the radicals that insist in clashing with the authorities for the sake of confrontation, unarmed civilians are not a match for a fully equiped police/military force. The news of the landslide victory of the prodemocracy movement in the local council elections is encoureging and a step on the right direction. Violence will only decrease the attendance, so keep it peacefull, democratic and democratizing, aislate the radicals and their maximalist speech of "all or nothing", win every space in civil society and political representation understanding that whatever concesions the movement gets from Beijing will not be perfect but neccesary to preserve HK autonomy, democratic culture and rule of law. Wish all you the best. 🇭🇰🤝🇻🇪

  23. One side story telling by the rioters via dark media like WSJ, and a Canadian woman Ho, who made so much money from running a fund, saying which would help to fight for the so-called solidarity movement. That is the one WSJ used as the narrator in this video.

  24. I urge everyone to view this whole HK incident as impartial as possible. Both sides have their own questionable actions. Also, the driving force behind the chaos is ultimately linked to the extreme rich-poor disparity. Many pro-China establishments benefit from the current strong china, while the poor do not. Just take all the media reports with a grain of salt. I have yet to see any report explaining both sides fairly yet

  25. The very last line spoke in this video: We fought for your future.

    My take on this, if China's regime is not working, then why is China such a superpower and prosperous now? China's regime does not equal BAD per se. China's regime is just different and not one that is used to by HK NOW. So i find that last statement is a little misleading.

    What is China's regime u asked? Basically, dont interferre politics and u will live well. Mind you, Same in SINGAPORE also. Im not saying which is better or worse, Im just saying there r different political system around the world, there is no one that is superior to others. Also mind you, there was no one time in history that a PURE COMMUNISM was establish. Not USSR, Vietnum, Cuba, China etc. Authoritarian is NOT Communism.

  26. what their fight for in the first place have been completely changed. now they're just trying to destroy the place they born and live,for my perspective,one may fight for what they want but it doesn't mean is ok to ruin innocent people's lives and benefits.

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  28. Hong kong people have superior complexity over mainland Chinese.
    But little do they know Chinese have outdone them many years ago.
    Its only pillar are financially center & British rule of laws. Wealth distribution are one of the worst in the world where few land Lords have control much of HK land & properties.
    As a result, Housing are beyond the reach of most hkers, many are still living in cages since the colonial era.


  30. ..2047 no current presidents would not be around at that time. Current situation would not help HK future. Most likely it would be worse off. Compare to other riot cities happening in the past, China would just do economically without HK in the picture. Shenzhen would be far better off by than.

  31. so we have fake hong kongess from Canada to speak about HK.. what a job…
    the governor is from HK, the police is from HK, the protestors are from HK and the rioters are from HK…
    so..go head to riot and damage train station and do whatever HK people want.. till HK becomes a third world city with lawless thugs

  32. Hong Kong is free. It's not North Korea. Majority of the citizens do not support the rioters that have vandalized shopping malls, train stations and public facilities.

  33. Most people will dislike this because they're uneducated and think that Hong Kong is just a part of China. But muh violence.

  34. Excessive force? He tried to take the officers gun, play the full clip. You wild wolves of American imperialism are very good at propaganda I must admit.

  35. Show the complete video of the policeman at the airport that had his baton taken away from him. How he singled out an a girl, threw her to the floor and was about to beat her before the protestors jumped in; if they weren’t provoked nothing of happened to him. 1 for the protestors.
    Show the complete video of the student shot; the video starts with the students (a mob) running in the road before they target the policeman coming out of the building. This was self-defence (see the complete video). Until you see the complete video it’s easy to come to a conclusion as did I; the complete video from the protestors angle paints a completely different picture. 1 for the police.

  36. yeah, another US propaganda, you literally are just creating chaos among Hong kong and making their lives worse and worse. Poor brain washed Hong Kong people thought they have your backing, but they have no idea that they are simply your bargain chip to be used to bully China, once they are used up, they would soon be abandoned like Iraq people and the Kurds.

  37. This is a bone-chilling compilation of footage of what those brainwashed thugs in Hong Kong have done so far.


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