16 Ex WWE Wrestlers You Probably Didn’t Know Now Work Backstage

Pro-Wrestling is like theatre, and whilst fans may be dazzled by those they seen on-screen there’s plenty more people working.

Pro-Wrestling is like theatre, and whilst fans
may be dazzled by those they seen on-screen there’s plenty more people working
backstage. Gone are the days of Vince McMahon
writing an entire show at a motel the WWE (and other promotions) now
requirehuge teams to keep their shows going, with scripts often being written just hours
before going live. With so many people working in the industry,
fans can get lost about who’s who and where’s
where, with many former wrestlers who have since
retired, hoping to shape the future of professional
wrestling. Here are 16 ex WWE wrestlers you probably didn’t
know now work backstage. 16. Billy Gunn -AEW Producer One of the most decorated
tag wrestlers of all time, Billy Gunn is best known for
his work in WWE, as a part of the New Age Outlaws and DX. After being released following
a Wellness violation in 2015, the King of the Ring winner
recently made waves when he was announced
as a producer for the upcoming AEW promotion. As a promoter, Gunn will be
responsible for putting
matches together, and using his decades of knowledge to help the talent of today and tomorrow. Gunn has even said he would
be willing to compete, though we’ll only know for sure
when the promotion starts. 15. Joey Mercury -ROH Producer Another former tag team champion, Joey Mercury’s departure
from WWE was a shock. Mercury had entertained fans
on-screen as part of J&J security, and was recently revealed as
the mastermind behind the Shield, one of WWE’s most popular stables. Whilst he has competed on
the indies on occasion, Mercury has become a backstage
figure at Ring of Honor, working
as a producer, where he has become a
valuable asset to the promotion given his WWE experience. 14. Jimmy Jacobs – Impact
Writer and Producer When Jimmy Jacobs spent a
few seconds to take a selfie
with some old friends, the former WWE writer
probably wasn’t wasn’t expecting to be fired
from the company. Snapping the pic with Bullet
Club members, Jacobs was canned by the company, but has since found a new
home in Impact, where he works as a writer
and a producer. In fact, Jacobs has been cited as as one of the reasons behind
Impact’s recent turnaround, after years of uncertainty. Whilst it’s unclear whether Jacobs
will re-join his friends once AEW launches, for now, he is providing a great
service to Impact Wrestling
and their fans. 13. Tyson Kidd – Agent All it took was one botched
Muscle Buster to end the
career of Tyson Kidd, who’s in-ring career was
cut short in 2015. But despite this being the
worst of injuries, Kidd was extremely lucky
to have survived, and has since transitioned
to a role as an agent. Working closely with on-screen talent, the former Tag Champion is certainly kept busy backstage, and regular appears alongside
wife Natalya on Total Divas. A confidante of top stars
such as Seth Rollins, Kid is currently considered
WWE’s top agent, a high accolade for the last graduate of the Hart family Dungeon. 12. Serena Deeb –
Performance Center Trainer After being released from WWE due to actions off-screen, Serena Deeb could’ve
called it a career. Instead, the former Straight
Edge Society member kept wrestling, all around
the world, and eventually returned to
the company as part of the inaugural Mae
Young Classic. Despite being eliminated in
the first round, Deeb certainly impressed officials, and was signed as a trainer at the WWE performance center in
February 2018. One of the most gifted women
to enter a WWE ring, it’s fitting that Serena now helps
the next generation ofSuperstars
carry on her legacy, as the company continues forward
with their Women’s Revolution. 11. Tommy Dreamer – House of Hardcore Chairman In the original ECW, Tommy Dreamer was already
an influential force backstage, working alongside Paul Heyman. And in 2019, Dreamer still
works backstage, though now as the Chairman of
his House of Hardcore promotion. Having a star such as the
former ECW Champion attached certainly helps bring
in crowds, with Dreamer also being able
to bring former WWE talent in like Big Cass and Jack Swagger. The show also streams on Twitch, which has allowed the promotion
to gain a huge fanbase, many of whom are ecstatic
to see Dreamer enter the ring as a competitor from time to time. 10. Ranjin Singh – Assignment
Editor/Lead Writer Who would’ve thought that the
manager of the Great Khali would one day be one of the
most influential men in WWE? Now operating under real name
David Kapoor, Singh has done just that, working as a lead writer
for the company, coming up with many current storylines. Whilst some fans may not like
all of his work, he’s clearly doing something right as he’s been writing for the
WWE for several years, and with his new job backstage
meaning he doesn’t have to worry about being attacked by Kane, again, don’t expect Singh to be returning
as a manager anytime soon. 9. Gail Kim – Impact Producer Arguably the biggest ball
dropped by WWE, Gail Kim went on to become
a huge star in Impact Wrestling. The company’s first-ever
Knockouts Champion, Kim has since retired from competition, though hasn’t left the company. Nowadays, she continues to
make an impact (no pun intended) as a producer and trainer, and like Jacobs, has been touted as one of the
main influencers backstage. Now in a backstage role, Kim has the chance to shape
women’s wrestling in Impact for years to come, 8. Jason Jordan – Agent Whilst the future of Jason
Jordan may remain uncertain, many have sadly concluded that the Superstar’s time in the ring is over. After being pulled from all
matches in February 2018, Jordan has now transitioned
into a backstage role as an agent, helping several Superstars
he once competed alongside. As the first ever man to hold the RAW, SmackDown and NXT Tag Titles, Jordan’s experience in
multi-man matches is invaluable behind the scenes. Though Jordan no doubt hopes to
one day step back in the ring himself, his new role as an agent has
allowed him to remain a part of the WWE family. 7. D-Von Dudley – Producer When the Dudley Boyz
announced their retirement
on WWE TV, only D-Von stayed true to his word. And whilst Bubba Ray has
done well competing in
promotions such as ROH, D-Von has instead taken a
backstage role as a producer, putting together matches with
today’s Superstars. Thriving in his new role
alongside Vince McMahon, D-Von now sits calmly at tables, instead of throwing opponents
into them. As one half of the most
decorated tag team of all time, D-Von’s decades of experience
In the ring must have helped plenty of tag
teams from Monday Night RAW. 6. Vampiro – Lucha Underground Producer. With one of the most unique
looks and characters of all time, it’s a real shame that Vampiro
never made it much bigger than losing to Sting in WCW. But despite this loss to the
WWE Hall of Famer Vampiro is still competing today, though has now taken a much
larger role as a Lucha
Underground producer. Working backstage at the promotion, Vampiro has helped the
company thrive to be one of the hottest acts in
wrestling today, with plenty of fans considering it to most underrated promotion
in wrestling today. 5. Jerry Lynn – ROH Producer Jerry Lynn has often compared himself to Mickey Rourke’s portrayal
of Randy the Ram in ‘The Wrestler’, and it’s easy to see why. Even at 55, Lynn has said he is
unable to walk away from wrestling, and whilst he may wrestle sporadically, he now spends most of his time
as a producer for Ring of Honor. Before this, Lynn served as
a guest trainer at the WWE performance
center last year, though seems to have found
his calling in ROH. And given his decades in
the business, as well as Lynn being a
former ROH World Champion, his expertise is truly invaluable. 4. Arn Anderson – Agent A true legend of the industry, Arn Anderson
is perhaps best remembered for his time as part of the legendary
four horseman. But outside of the ring, Anderson has
used his decades of experience to help the WWE backstage as an agent,
working with current stars. Nowadays, Anderson is one of the most
consistent presences backstage, helping in all manner of roles, from helping
to put together matches, to making sure talent
arrive on time. That’s not to mean he isn’t afraid to tussle
with today’s talent, with fans rejoicing when he hit his patented
Spinebuster on Dolph Ziggler at Starrcade 2017. Unfortunately, as we were producing this video,
Anderson was released from his WWE Contract We wish him the best in his future endeavors 3. The Jackal – Vice President of Impact Wrestling Whether fans know him as the Jackal in the
WWF, Cyrus the Virus in the original ECW, or just plain old Don Callis, this man has
done plenty for wrestling. Most recently, Callis has worked as the VP
of Impact Wrestling, and is considered by many as the driving
force behind the company’s upturn, after
years of uncertainty. His strong leadership at Impact even made
Chris Jericho consider joining the promotion, something Y2J
revealed on his podcast. Despite a great offer and Callis’ vision
for the company, Jericho would instead
sign with AEW but even having a huge WWE star consider
joining Impact is a huge feather in Callis’ cap. 2. Josh Matthews (Impact Senior Director
of Digital Media) When fans first saw Josh Matthews
appear on Tough Enough, the young man wasn’t much to look at. With his small size, Matthews never made
it in WWE as a wrestler, though did get an interview role with
the company. After being released from WWE,
Matthews quickly burned his bridges, bad-mouthing the company publicly,
though has found a new home with
Impact Wrestling. Working as a heel commentator and
part-time wrestler, Matthews also contains a lesser role
off-screen as the Senior Director of
Digital Media. Whilst fans may not agree with Matthew’s
claim of being the best play-by-play commentator ever,
it’s hard to deny his success since leaving
WWE. 1. Billy Kidman – Producer Whilst he may have been a main-level
star in WCW, even beating Hulk Hogan on multiple
occasions, Billy Kidman’s career in WWE
was not as successful. Despite this, Kidman still enjoyed a stint
as Cruiserweight Champion and Tag Team Champion with Paul London,
before retiring from the ring. Now working backstage though, Kidman
has one of the most stressful tasks, as he is responsible that everything runs
on time during live events. No matter what, RAW has to end at 11pm
on the dot, and Kidman is the first to be blamed if this
doesn’t happen. With so much responsibility on his shoulders,
fans have to wonder whether Kidman would feel more relaxed
hitting one of his iconic Shooting Star presses. Well guys that’s our list, can you think of any
other wrestler we might not know are working
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  1. As much of a money hungry assh&ll as vince is, at least he and the company do alot more for retired wrestlers than they used to. Vince and company STILL need to do ALOT MORE for guys like "Kamala" though!

  2. Don callis is doing a helluva job as vice president and commentator for impact Wrestling. Tyson Kidd was fun to watch as a wrestler and I'm glad that he is doing great as a producer.

  3. Jimmy Jacobs took that deadly brain buster from Eddie Guerrero I still remember that,he must have wrote that segment where Randy Orton told Rey Mysterio that Eddie's down in hell

  4. Kidman is another potential superstar to get buried by Vince before he even had a chance in the WWE.. I loved WCW, Kidman was one of my favorite up and coming stars, and they pushed him hard.. If WCW had survived, Jericho and Kidman would have been the top stars in that company.

  5. The Mercury slide is a lie…well known fact that CM Punk came up with The Shield..just without Roman. The only connection to The Shield Mercury has is that they refer to him as the fourth member due his advice and guidance through their initial start. In non kayfabe terms, CM Punk created the Shield. However he had Chris Hero in Romans spot, which management wasn’t pleased with. They wanted a vehicle to bring Roman up with, and settled on The Shield. There’s a reason they debuted during a Punk match folks. They were originally thought up by Punk to play his security guard types…not unlike J&J Security for Rollins later…though on a much higher level. Though Punk opted out of the story line when they replaced his buddy Chris with Roman, in a nutshell. Also it was Hunter whom shot down Chris and replaced him with Roman, not Vince. So yeah good work folks…easily correctable mistakes making it through to the final product….shouldn't be surprised though, par for the course.

  6. Thank you for this video. I am so glad to see that promotions are giving retires and injured superstars a chance to still work for the company.

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  10. I've been following wrestling for 48 of my 56yrs and I could write millions a times better than most a them .

  11. I know so many people find it funny and weird that ex wrestlers get hired to work backstage but we should be grateful because while WWE has a habit of fucking shit up with so many wrestlers who had potential. Let us all be grateful that these wrestlers haven't died over drug overdoses, suicide etc…they are all alive and healthy. Be grateful! It could be a lot worst! Look at so many great wrestlers who have died so young. Shit is crazy!

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  15. The Roaddogg is a producer for WWE as is IRS, I have seen JImmy Hart at an Impact Show backstage

  16. Tyson just suffers from the infamous Hart family curse and Tyson is Also a total diva now too

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