10 Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Appeared In Movies

The world may not agree on just how “real” professional wrestling, or “sports entertainment” may be, but when the masses.

The world may not agree on just how “real”
professional wrestling, or “sports entertainment” may be, but when the masses love or hate one
performers above the rest, mainstream fame is usually within reach. Not every pro wrestler
who has pursued a Hollywood acting career has found success, but that might not be as
bad as it sounds. Some of the greatest legends of wrestling found their way into Hollywood
films… and still, nobody noticed. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Wrestlers You Didn’t
Know Appeared in Movies. Hulk Hogan Sure, Hulk Hogan made more appearances in
Hollywood films than nearly any other wrestler before or since, but one of his strangest
roles unfortunately slipped by plenty of younger moviegoers. The original Gremlins is a classic,
but its sequel is a whole lot… weirder. But director Joe Dante was offered the job
with the promise that he could do just about anything he wanted with The New Batch. As
a result, audiences were stunned to see the film burn up, apparently the work of the film’s
maniac monsters. Luckily, Hulk Hogan was sitting in the same theater, intimidating the Gremlins
until they returned to the regular programming. The cameo was strange and unexpected, but
sadly, was replaced in the home video release, depriving thousands of Hulkamaniacs from seeing
it for themselves. Terry Funk He may not have gained the mainstream fame
of Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage, but there aren’t many Hall of Fame wrestlers who can hold a
candle to Terry Funk. So it’s no surprise he took his signature hardcore attitude onto
the big screen, appearing in movies like Road House and Over The Top. It’s hard to believe
that the towering beast could ever be beaten in a fight by Patrick Swayze or Sam Elliott,
but since he’s as famous for his love of a good time as he is for his fighting, we’re
willing to bet he simply let the movie stars win. Lenny Montana Beginning his wrestling career as The Zebra
Kid, the Brooklyn-born Lenny Montana found success due mainly to his 6-foot-6-inch frame.
But when wrestling dried up for Montana in the late ‘60s, his size was put to another
use: recruited to work as an enforcer for New York’s Columbo Crime Family. After a
stint in prison, Montana acted as a bodyguard for the family, which is what brought him
onto the set of Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather. The massive but softspoken enforcer was immediately
cast as Vito Corleone’s top hitman, Luca Brasi. Even with a small part in the movie,
Montana would enjoy a long acting career as a direct result. Captain Lou Albano It’s one thing to turn wrestling success
into a career in Hollywood, but doing it without most people noticing is something else. No
wrestling fan of ‘50s and ‘60s will forget Captain Lou Albano, since he racked up wins
and legendary status as both a wrestler and manager – and his long beard, face piercings,
and Hawaiian shirts didn’t hurt either. Despite that fame, Lou Albano’s acting chops
made him almost unrecognizable as the slick Sicilian Frank “The Fixer” in Brian De
Palma’s Wise Guys. And even fewer fans realized the once-crazed wrestler would entertain kids
every week as Nintendo’s mascot in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Now THAT’s range. Kevin Nash It’s hard to think of a pro wrestler who
has found more success than Kevin Nash. Winning almost two dozen world championships and founding
the nWo, the man formerly known as Diesel found legitimate fame in films and TV, most
recently appearing in the Magic Mike films as “Tarzan.” But Nash’s fans may have
caught his big screen debut earlier than they thought. When the villain Shredder ingested
the mutating ooze in the second Ninja Turtles movie, it was Nash who brought the gigantic
“Super Shredder” to life. Let’s be glad that none of his other roles required the
actor to bury himself under a dock for no reason whatsoever. Sable The 1990s were a serious turning point for
the WWF, as the Attitude Era saw the company target new adult audiences – and their new
Divas more than did the trick. No female wrestler was more popular than Rena Mero, better known
as Sable, and one of the first female performers to show off her athleticism along with good
looks. When Sable left the WWF in 1999, she turned to films… but we doubt that beating
up former SNL cast member Chris Kattan in Corky Romano was what she had in mind. As
satisfying as it was to watch her fight, the flop must have opened her eyes. She returned
to wrestling shortly after. Big John Studd It takes a special kind of villain to bring
a stretcher to the ring so his opponent can be carried out when the fight is over, but
Big John Studd lived up to his name, going toe-to-toe with the massive Andre the Giant.
A monster heel that big would be hard to miss, but there are some wrestling fans who never
saw one of his best roles: the bruiser Jack Daniels in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro
Man. The film was a bomb, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun to watch Studd throw
Mickey Rourke out a window. Since Rourke would play a pro wrestler twenty years later, we
like to think Studd taught him a few tricks of the trade. George ‘The Animal’ Steele When Jim Myers started wrestling in his free
time, it was only meant to help him pay bills when we wasn’t working as a high school
wrestling and football coach. But when wrestling took off, Myers took the name of ‘The Animal,’
and wrestled for the next several decades. In a strange twist of fate, Steele also landed
a role in Tim Burton’s biopic of the enigmatic director Ed Wood. Steele was recruited to
play the part of Wood’s friend and collaborator Tor Johnson – himself a Swedish wrestler
turned film actor. Ox Baker Although he began his wrestling career as
a nerdy hero, the legendary Ox Baker soon became one of the most well-known villains
of the 1960s. Famous for his heated interviews and his signature move – The Heart Punch
– it was only a matter of time until Ox made it into film. Escape From New York became
a cult classic thanks to director John Carpenter’s dystopic Manhattan prison, and Ox was definitely
in top form when taking on Snake Plissken in a fight to the death. With a catchphrase
as simple as “I love to hurt people,” there’s no doubt that he enjoyed the chance
to do just that to star Kurt Russell. Kimberly Page Diamond Dallas Page was one of the biggest
names to ever come out of the WCW, but his wife and on-screen manager Kimberly was just
as memorable. But wrestling fans would be forgiven if they didn’t catch her surprise
cameo in Judd Apatow’s 40 Year Old Virgin. Stepping into the spotlight thanks to a wardrobe
malfunction at a speed dating event may not have been the return to fame she was hoping
for, but it definitely makes her brief appearance hard to forget. So what do you think of our list? Did we miss
any of your favorite memorable performances from wrestlers-turned actors? Let us know
in our comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and watch more videos
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  1. Jeep Swenson was in quite a few movies and King Kong Bundy was in Moving with Richard Pryor and had a few guest spots on Married With Children.

  2. I think "Big" Pat Roache appeared in pretty much all the earlier Indiana Jones movies. He was the German Sergeant that had a fist fight with Harrison Ford and eventually got killed by a plane propeller. He was also the big Indian henchman in the one where the kids were taken from their villages. Roache was a prominent wrestler on British TV during the 1970s and also starred in a leading sitcom of the 1980s "Auf Wiedersehn Pet",

  3. Francis Patrick "Pat" Roach was in Willo as General Kael,but best of all got to play in 2 of the best Indiana Jones films and got killed in both.

  4. You scream Rant meatbags assume to much…but assume has ASS in it and assuming things makes you a ASS
    Everyone of these movies and wrestlers I knew about in the movies and I have a copy of the Gremlins with Hogan in it.
    But I am far older then you screen rant kids are…

  5. Why is the Gremlins 2 clip here? It's pretty well known that Hogan was in that even if it wasn't on video release (though it's on my copy, so maybe it's on newer releases?). Christ, it's not even subtle, he literally plays Hulk Hogan.

    May as well say "you know the Scorpion King? Yea? Did you know that the Scorpion King is the Rock? What, you can't see the resemblance?"

  6. Kerry Von Erich was in problem child and Hard Boiled Hegarty was in Micky and Maude with Andre The Giant, Big John Studd and Gene LeBelle

  7. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was in The Mummy 2 as the Scorpion King before playing the character in the movie of the same title.

  8. Everybody noticed hulk Hogan in gremlins 2, why didn't you mention triple h in blade 2, u picked all the noticeable ones

  9. This video is awesome and that's the bottom Line and if your not down with that we have two words for Ya SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lenny Montana actually lived near by and asked to be in the role and because he was scary and real they put him in out of fear lmao like he was a real life mafia guy and they came to them and had him put in the movie out if respect for allowing them to film there haha tru story look it up

  11. how could you talk about Nash and not talk about the longest yard witch he was amazing and stupid funny in and not only that but it had hella wrestlers in it fighters and old football players lmao longest yard alone had more stars than any movie i have ever seen

  12. What about Goldberg yesterday I was watching a movie that named half past dead 2 and I noticed goldberg

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