10 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Would Have Been Perfect For The Attitude Era

“Mah gawd almighty he is broken in half!” – “Tyson and Austin, Tyson and Austin!” We get it. The Attitude.

“Mah gawd almighty he is broken in half!” – “Tyson and Austin, Tyson and Austin!” We get it. The Attitude Era was the greatest period in
wrestling history. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple
H, The Undertaker and Mick Foley, in their prime, under the same roof. It’s the sort of line-up that we can all agree
featured the greatest main event scene in wrestling history, and some of the whackiest
stories. Whether it be classic moments like Austin’s
beer bath, the Montreal Screwjob and Foley’s Hell in a Cell crash or the sexist and sometimes
even racially insensitive undercard stories, WWF Raw is War featured the sort of non-stop
Action and Controvery approach that the company has tried to replicate in the near 2-decades
since. Comparatively, the current WWE roster could
be argued as having the deepest pool of talent the company has ever seen, with a higher potential
for top quality matches than at any point in history, only with less potential for the
same degree of controversy and a (some would argue) criminally low amount of d*ck jokes. So what would happen if some of the current
crop were able to express themselves in the same way as those in the attitude era did? Which wrestlers would flourish opposite the
likes of Steve Austin in the main event, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg in the tag division or
Steve Blackman in the mid-card? To help make up your mind, we’ve compiled
this list with our picks for the 10 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Would’ve Been Perfect for
the Attitude Era. I’m xxx from cultaholic.com. Join us! ————–
10. Dean Ambrose
When first establishing the criteria for the perfect Attitude Era star, the most obvious
characteristic you can look for in a contemporary talent is… well… attitude – and nobody
personifies the same no-f*cks-given attitude of the Attitude Era better than Dean Ambrose. There’s a reason he’s been dubbed the modern-era’s
Brian Pillman. In his current persona, the former Shield
brethren is a grand slam champion in his own right, but given his history as a hardcore
wrestler by the name of Jon Moxley, there seem to be many more elements to this current
day superstar than may first meet the eye. Sure, his current “whacky Dean” persona would
likely be pushed WAY over the top in an attitude era setting and his seemingly hard to work
with attitude – see the Steve Austin podcast – may have been more of an issue back in the
day, but the potential for him to be an unhinged, hardcore maniac of the Pillman or Mick Foley
ilk would have been way higher, and his (at times) lacklustre in-ring style disguised
by gimmicks, personality and those oh-so-impressive facial expressions. Just imagine Ambrose and Foley in their prime. Truly worth salivating over. 9. Braun Strowman
Besides attitude, there is one thing the WWE had a lot of back in the attitude era, and
that was “big, sweaty men” – it truly was the land of giants! And there are no bigger, sweatier, or more
“gianter” in the current era than Braun Strowman. This near 7 foot tall bohemoth is the sort
of wrestler who could’ve made it in any era given his stature and athletic capabilities,
but the former strong-man competitor has also proven to have the comedic timing and believable
bad-assery necessary to have existed at the peak of the attitude era. Can you imagine Braun Strowman coming face
to face with attitude era Kane? Squashing Kai En Tai? Being a member of the Ministry of Darkness? The possibilities are endless, and given how
his on-screen antics have become more and more reminiscent of the attitude era over
the course of his career – think smashing a double bass over Elias, emerging from a
garbage truck, yanking down some conveniently placed scaffolding – Strowman has already
proven himself worthy of earning his spot in those forever beloved attitude era highlight
reels. 8. EC3
Another vitally important aspect of the typical attitude era WWE wrestler was their body image. At the top of the card, the solid builds of
Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H reigned supreme, with the impressive muscle definition
on the likes of Ken Shamrock and Val Venis impressing lower down the card. While there was always space for the less
body-builder-image physiques of The Hardys, The Dudleyz, Big Boss Man and, of course,
Rikishi, the unspoken rule at the time was to look and be larger than life – the type
of man a man would want to be, and a woman would want to be with. Nobody in current day WWE personifies this
unspoken rule better than newly re-signed NXT star EC3. Not only is he attractive, well tanned and
well oiled, but he most importantly has the build. Is there anyone in current day WWE with more
muscles popping out of more places than this man? He’s somewhat of a poster boy for the era
to look at, but his on-the-mic comedic sensibilities and smarmy, one-percenter persona would also
prove to be an excellent foil for the rough and ready hard men of the time, making him
a potential friend of the McMahons and an unmissable part of the action each and every
Monday night. 7. Gallows & Anderson
When thinking back to the attitude era, it’s tough to look beyond the tag division. Whether it was Edge & Christian, the Hardys,
the New Age Outlaws, the Dudleyz or even the short-lived return of The Road Warriors, it
seemed there was always something interesting and potentially show-stealing on offer. People even look back on Too Cool with fond
memories, and they were a couple of guys dressed in baggy pants and sunglasses dancing to white-people-hip-hop… Looking at the current WWE roster, there are
a few standout teams that spring to mind as great fits for such a division: The Usos,
The Authors of Pain, The Bludgeon Brothers, even The New Day could all provide exciting
matches with any number of attitude era teams, but none of them would reap the out-of-the-ring
benefits of more adult content and the ability to provide off-the-cuff moments of inspiration
than Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The 2 former Bullet Club members have proven
inside and outside of the WWE that their comedic timing and ability to cut a believable, realistic
promo is second to none, and this is only reinforced when they’re given the opportunity
to run with more adult content – see Gallows’ Sex Ferguson persona on the independents (changed
to Tex Ferguson on WWE’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling), for a prime example. Importantly for the era, the team is also
made up of two pretty big dudes, making a tag team feud with any number of teams – including
the likes of the Brothers of Destruction – a believable route for them to take; a fact
that only reinforces how perfect they would have been for the attitude era. 6. Lana
If there was one element of the attitude era that has undeniably been improved in the years
following, it’s the women’s division. We’ve come a long way from the bra and panties
matches between Sable and Jacqueline, the public strip teases and the man-on-woman violence. Happily, the WWE have also moved beyond their
preferred look of big breasted blonde bombshells and into a realm more representative of women
of all body types. But, if there was to be one current WWE women’s
wrestler who could’ve fit into the mould of the attitude era’s greatest women’s wrestlers,
it would be Lana. The supremely attractive Mrs. Rusev would
not only have the blonde bombshell thing going for her, but she’d also have the gimmick. In an era where “foreign heels” were often
Canadian, a pro-Russia gimmick in the women’s division could’ve done wonders as regards
getting Lana over as a top female character on WWE programming and would’ve likely resulted
in a prominent managerial role or a run or two with the women’s gold. It would have been money. 5. Chad Gable
Thinking back to the later years of the attitude era brings memories of a solid mid-card of
hard-working, incredibly talented grapplers like Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn,
Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero, and if there was to be one contemporary WWE talent that
would be able to mix it in the ring with the same technical prowess it would be Chad Gable. Gable has moulded himself after technical
wrestling legend Kurt Angle, adapting his comparatively as legitimate competitive background
to a grappler’s style in the squared circle, creating a somewhat timeless aura to his offense
that would be well suited to matches with any of the attitude era’s greatest. While there are arguably better in-ring workers
around in WWE at the moment, few possess the unique style and ability to pull it off as
Chad Gable does, making him the ideal candidate for a work-horse role in an attitude era roster. 4. Big E
There are some wrestlers who come along at the right time and in the right place, and
one such a wrestler who would’ve been just those things during the attitude era is Big
E. The New Day’s powerhouse front-man would’ve fit the look of the day, has a sense of humour
unlike anyone else in the WWE right now that would have felt right at home during the era,
and has proven throughout his time with the New Day that he isn’t afraid to tackle sexual
innuendo from time to time; a key aspect of any attitude era mid-carder, I’m sure you’ll
agree. He would have, of course, been a great fit
for The Nation of Domination given his tag team credentials and how almost every black
WWE star of the time was associated with the group, but it’s in his in-ring work – which
doesn’t rely upon just his frightening strength, but goes above and beyond that into something
altogether more entertaining – that the former Big E Langston could have become a real player
in an attitude era roster; enhancing the slower, methodical matches of those with super-strength
into faster and more entertaining match-ups that would have separated him from the rest
and made him into a memorable attitude era star. 3. Fandango
If there’s a current WWE wrestler who could benefit the most from a more adult-orientated
product, it would be Fandango. As one half of the fashion police, Fandango
has been packaged in a family friendly manner unbecoming of his more adult sense of humour
and terrific comedic timing, though glimmers of his more edgy side do remain. The man with the dancer gimmick wouldn’t need
to change much, just go all-in on his slightly creepy, live-the-gimmick persona, and really
push home those circular thrusts. He wouldn’t ever be a main event player, but
he’d be a good foil for the likes of The Godfather, and may have even been the sort of character
considered as a potential member of Right To Censor, and who doesn’t want to see that?! 2. Elias
The attitude era was all about celebrating personas as close to the real person behind
them as has ever been the case in the history of wrestling, but that doesn’t mean there
wasn’t room for gimmicks. Most wrestlers had their personas born out
of such gimmicks, and many others created gimmicks out of such personas, but just as
is the case now, there was always room for a musician, especially one with the self-worshipping
delusion and cheap heat capabilities of this generation’s Elias. Who wants to walk with him? Of course, some small elements to the character
would have to be altered to fit in with the times. For example, Walk With Elias wouldn’t quite
work in an era branded as WWF and not WWE, while his hipster-inspired get-up would not
quite hit home in the same way as it does in the contemporary landscape. His grunge-inspired look and style of song
would, however, be just as provocative, if not more so, to a WWE fan of the time, and
if ever there was a stereotypical audience to draw legitimate hatred out of through home-town
insults, it was the incredibly vocal attitude era crowds. In the ring, Elias could cover for his lack
of speed by instead focussing on drawing heat, and he could always cover up a loss by smashing
someone over the head with his guitar. He’d be a solid fit for a hardcore match,
especially with so many clamouring for his comeuppance, and if they ever did turn him
babyface, they’d have a chart-topping music artist on their hands. It’d be a win for the WWE and a win for Elias. 1. John Cena
If you look at modern era WWE stars who can talk the talk, walk the walk, look the look
and backstage politic like a backstage politician, then there are none more iconic than John
Cena. The 16-time world champion could out-talk
almost anyone – as proven in his 2-year-long programme with The Rock – and his never-budging
good-guy persona would be one hell of a feather ruffler for someone as anti-everything as
Stone Cold Steve Austin. Cena’s even proven in recent years that he’s
capable of some great matches! Imagine the promos between Cena and Austin
or Cena and McMahon, the ways they could switch his wholesome persona into something to be
hated by an audience begging for blood and controversy. It’d be fantastic! Feuds with The Ministry, The McMahons, Austin,
Triple H, Mick Foley and The Undertaker would be blockbuster events, and could you imagine
him as the leader of an undercard stable with Too Cool and Rikishi? It would be priceless! Cena is the sort of performer who has it all,
and seeing him be able to mix it with the very best of the best on a regular occurrence
is a simply mouth-watering prospect.

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  2. Really? Sheamus and Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe, Sanity, Kevin Owens, Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley none of those came to mind?

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  6. People who want Attitude Era back: Everything’s too PG and kid friendly now days

    Also people who want Attitude Era back: Everything was too sexist and racist back then

  7. This just proves that wwe has the talent but not the drive to be better than the past, but instead try to relive in it.

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  9. I’ve concocted a storyline if John Cena was in the attitude era
    (Throat clear) Cena would debut as the Dr of Thuganomics (of course) and start a feud with Steve Austin. Austin later sees the kid has a certain fire in him and teaches him how to be more badass.
    But then in a tag team match against Triple H and Shane McMahon (for example), Cena delivers an FU to Austin and allies himself the McMahons, ironically turning into Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. While also giving us a Cena heel turn and reigniting their feud

  10. The Ascension. Would be awesome for it too. Ryback. And I think. Yes ill say it. Lucha dragons. A part of the light heavyweights. Everyone else. Nah. Dean Ambrose definitely. But. Now. No. Not anymore. He's horrible. The usos maybe. But. NXT guys hell. No.

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  13. Gallows and Anderson were done in the Attitude era, they are extremely similar to WCW's Harris Brothers who are also Skull and 8 Ball in WWF

  14. Braun Strowman would of been beaten with ONE Stone Cold Stunner by Steve Austin. Like everyone else not named The Rock

  15. Submitted before video:
    Dean Ambrose (obviously)
    all 4 members of wyatt fam (ministry of darkness feud with brood or acoloytes switching to make it more even)
    big E (nation of domination bc hes black and buff)
    John Cena (Dr of thuganomics rapper gimmick during the era of pac nwa biggie and wu tang clan)
    Randy Orton (starts with mcmahon helmsley faction and grows to a main eventer via the viper gimmick)
    CM Punk (starts off as member of right to censor then grows to feud Austin as a heel)
    Kevin Owens (works with Jericho, Benoit, or Hart Foundation to start then grows to be Undertakers roddy piper)

  16. I think its impossible to judge who would be good for the attitude era considering todays product, I can see all of these being good in the attitude era but I also feel like people that you wouldn't expect would be good too for e.g Kevin Owens or Finn Balor with his demon gimmick

  17. Bray Wyatt should definitely be on this list.

    Others: Rollins, AOP, Cesaro, Revival, Usos, KO, Joe, and Aliester Black all could've worked in the Attitude Era as well.

  18. These Current WWE Superstars aren't WWF WCW or ECW Material, They are Wimps. They lack Challenges. They don't Fight or Wrestle They Dance and Entertain. Delete this now.

  19. Great video. I could totally see Chad Gable as Angle's protege, Fandango joining RTC, Big E in the NOD, and Dean Ambrose doing crazy shit with Mick Foley and winning the hardcore championship a bunch of times. He would have also been perfect for ECW of course, but also FMW in Japan. He always reminded me of Atsushi Onita in a way

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