10 Bizarre Wars History Completely Forgot

Ten Bizarre Wars history completely forgot ten Canada vs. Croatia remember that time that Canada defeated the croatian army despite.

Ten Bizarre Wars history completely
forgot ten Canada vs. Croatia remember that time that Canada defeated the
croatian army despite being outnumbered three to one no that’s probably because
the canadian government banned all reports of the incident after yugoslavia
collapsed in 1991 a brutal ethnic war broke out between the new croatian and
serbian governments stories that the correlations were massacring civilians
forced the UN to intervene sending 900 Canadian troops into the region to act
as a peacekeeping force presumably never having watched an ice hockey fight the
Croatians thought the Canadians would be a pushover and attacked them with 2,500
soldiers the Canadian military not only managed to hold off the enormous ly
larger force that didn’t suffer a single casualty doing so the Croatians lost 27
men and suffered 87 casualties before retreating you’d think the Canadian
government would be proud of such a victory but Prime Minister Jean
Creighton actually banned Canada’s Press from reporting the incident for nine
years supposedly this was to avoid ruining his administration’s
peace-loving image or upsetting canada’s croatian population although we think it
might just be that canada was too polite to boast about it 9 Britain vs. Zanzibar
generally speaking wars are the sort of thing you can fit into a lunch break but
when it comes to the Anglo sands of our war you could fight the whole thing and
still have time to swing by the new king wall place the shortest war in history
this 1896 conflict lasted only 38 minutes after the death of the Sultan of
Zanzibar on August 25th the new Sultan cartlett bin bag ash rose to the throne
the British who controlled the colony had a different successor in mind though
and offered car lead until 9 a.m. on August the 27th to resign they even
parked five warships in the bay below the palace to show they were serious
Carla drew fuse and after the deadline passed the British ships bombarded his
palace the shelling only lasted 38 minutes but over five hundreds
antibodies were killed or woo did the palace surrendered at 9:38 and
the British marched in to find that Khalid had already fled to Germany Staff
Raqqah a pro-british Sultan was installed and Zanzibar became even more
of a puppet state than before eight Van Zant versus America after the Civil War
ended in 1865 the people of America came together to form the United States all
except those in the county of van zan the people of this tiny Texan County
were sick of both sides and in 1867 decided to secede from the United States
they even wrote their own Declaration of Independence unsurprisingly the US
wasn’t happy with this proxy County embarrassing them and set a cavalry unit
to deal with them not to be outdone the van zant officially declared war on
America and gathered their own troops in the densely wooded conditions of Van
Zandt County cavalry was useless and the van zant managed to defeat the US troops
having pulled off the ultimate underdog victory the new nation did the only
sensible thing to do got blind drunk celebrating when the defeated American
soldiers heard how smashed their opponents were they simply marched in
and arrested them the prisoners would later escape and the US army never
bothered chasing them the county’s Declaration of Independence was never
officially repealed meaning to this day van zant is technically its own nation 7
Japan vs. Russia most people think that Russia’s involvement in World War two
ended when they rolled into Berlin and forced the Nazis to surrender after all
you could hardly blame a country that had lost over 26 million people from
taking a breather but if Stalin was known for one thing it was being kind of
intense the USSR declared war on Japan on the 8th of August launching three
separate invasions of their territory in China this sudden attack took Japan by
surprise and they would driven out of China in a matter of days not done yet
the USSR began to attack the Japanese land in Korea Stalin’s hope was not just
to finally in World War two but to grab as much land as possible before the
conflict ended the fighting lasted three weeks and killed 12,000 Japanese
soldiers eventually Japan reeling from two nuclear attacks surrendered whether
it was planned as a cynical land grab or not many historians now believe the
Russians played on rented part in making Japan given as
early as they did six the Netherlands versus Isle of Scilly if you’re at war
for over 300 years and don’t take a single casualty you might not be trying
hard enough on the verge of winning the English
Civil War Oliver Cromwell and his army of royal hating parliamentarians drove
the remainder of the Kings forces out of the English mainland the defeated
royalist leaders were pushed out of Cornwall and settled on the Isle of
silly you know the Isles of Scilly obviously they’re located right next to
the Isle of zany and the isles of wacky in an act of solidarity with the
parliamentarians the Netherlands decided to declare war on the 6 square mile
archipelago the Dutch navy arrived off the shore of Scilly and demanded money
from the royalist forces for sealing no answer knowing the parliamentarians were
about to win anyway the Dutch sailed home without firing a shot the
Netherlands quickly forgot about the incident and never bothered signing a
peace treaty it wasn’t until 1986 the two historian
from the Isles of Scilly pointed out that the area was still at
war with a Dutch rather than immediately invading the islands the Dutch did the
grown-up thing and sent an ambassador down to sign a peace treaty the conflict
lasted 335 years making it one of the longest wars in history 5 the Swiss
versus the Swiss the Swiss are well known for staying neutral having not
picked a fight with another country since 1815 but that doesn’t mean they
won’t beat each other up from time to time in the 19th century Switzerland was
more of a loosely connected collection of regions to the country there was a
move to unite the areas under a single centralized government but a collection
of seven Catholic regions opposed the move they distance themselves from the
rest of Switzerland and ironically bonded together to create their own
nation under a centralized government the new country of sunderland formed at
the bottom of Switzerland in 1847 the largely Protestant Switzerland wasn’t
happy with a new Catholic country on their doorstep and declared war on them
perhaps surprised that but and Switzerland of all places wanted a war
the saunder burned were caught off guard and appealed for help from Austria and
France but the two nations spent so much time discussing the right way to aid
Sunderland that they ended up doing enough
with an army 20,000 men stronger than sundar burns the Swiss forces rolled in
at the beginning of november and had forced a surrender before the month had
ended for Mormons versus America nowadays Mormons are mostly famous for
being extremely nice and polite however there was once a time when the Mormons
were bloodthirsty enough to fend off the US Army having met opposition to their
polygamous lifestyle in the US the Church of latter-day saints formed their
own territory in what is now Utah while setting up a government their Mormon
leader Brigham Young kicked out all the officials he thought were too corrupt or
Anette that turned out to be a bad idea the disgruntled former officials
returned to the US and started spreading rumors that young wanted to attack
America President James Buchanan said a huge military force of 55,000 troops to
deal with the perceived threat but despite their numerical advantage they
kept losing skirmishes to the local Mormon forces after a series of small
battles one of the Mormon militias attacked a train of civilian wagons
hoping to trick the u.s. into believing the area was populated by a tribe of
dangerous Native Americans 126 innocent men women and children died in the
massacre at this point the war had become an embarrassment and both
buchanan and young agreed it was best to end their fighting and pretend it never
happened Utah would continue to be under Mormon
rule for 40 years until it became a u.s. state in 1896 three christians versus
pagans you’re no doubt aware of the catholic church’s repeated crusades to
capture jerusalem but like with Hemsworth’s there are other less famous
crusades you’ve probably never heard of one of these was the so-called northern
crusade also known as the Wendish crusade the 12th century expedition
aimed to wipe out paganism across Europe spearheaded by the kingdoms of Sweden
and Denmark these militaries were also backed up by the Teutonic order and the
livonian brothers of the sword which were Christian religious orders and also
great heavy metal band names the crusading army swept into northern
Germany in June 1147 scattering their pagan opponents and killing or forcibly
baptizing them by the end of the summer the Christian forces had pushed the
largest pagan army the winds to the edge of Europe and the
Wendish leader Nick lot agreed to a mass baptism of his army as part of this
surrender the northern crusade was largely regarded as a success although
as scholars at the time pointed out forcing people to become Christian at
the point of a sword isn’t exactly what Jesus would do to Moldova versus
Transnistria at the end of the Soviet Union about one-third of the citizens of
Moldova wanted to remain close allies with Russia and Ukraine however the
other two-thirds preferred an allegiance with Romania and the West the
pro-russian side attempted to form their own country called Transnistria on the
eastern edge of Moldova and in 1992 war broke out between Transnistria and
Moldova although the fighting only lasted a
little over four months it was bloody with the Moldovans losing 324 men and
the Transnistrian over 900 the war came to an unsatisfactory end with the sides
agreeing that Transnistria could effectively operate as their own country
but with no other nations recognizing them what makes this war stand out is
that the soldiers weren’t about to let a little thing like civil war brewing
their social lives opposing troops would meet up in no-man’s land every evening
to drink together individual soldiers would sometimes form such close
friendships with enemies that they would agree not to kill each other
if they ever met on the battlefield this strange fight by day boozed by night
attitude led to the whole affair being nicknamed the drunken war by locals one
Paraguay loses everyone from avenging a pig to fighting over a bucket over the
course of human history there have been some pretty dumb reasons people have
gone to war but taking on three countries at once to impress your
celebrity crush is certainly up there president Solana Lopez ruled over
Paraguay during the mid 19th century and to say that he was a Napoleon fan boy
would be putting it lightly in fact Lopez was so eager to prove he
was as great to general as Napoleon had been that in 1864 he simultaneously
declared war on Brazil Uruguay and Argentina they attempt by the 450,000
people of Paraguay to take on a combined population of 11 million went about as
well as you’d expect Lopez’s forces were roundly defeated on
the battlefield to their credit the Paraguayans didn’t give up after their
military’s collapse and continued fighting using guerrilla tactics the
nation refused to surrender not giving in until over 90% of its population had
been slaughtered it was a brutal pointless war that probably made the
people of paraguay wish their leader had been a belieber instead so that was 10
bizarre Wars history completely forgot did you have a favorite which water you
think deserves more attention be sure to let us know in the comments below and if
you’re still in our War II mood check out the 10 dumbest wars in history
playing on screen now

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  1. Some of these are just battles within a war not wars themselves, like Croatia vs Canada is really UN vs Croatia which people did know about


  3. canadians could just call the american goverment and they could toss a atomic bomb in the most beautiful and heroic country of croatia and maybe half the balkan would be gone lets just hope the god will save us from the devils of the american goverment

  4. Im a vicious Mormon 😈 lol. The mountain Meadows part was not right the Mormons got piute indians to help not to make it look like they did it. And Brigham Young told them not to do I. I live 20 minutes away from mountain Meadows.

  5. I never ever heard about the Croatian Canadian war-
    I have some cousins from Canada so maybe they know?

  6. The triple alliance war in South America was never forgotten, I live in Uruguay and everyone remembers what happened. And Paraguay lost 60% of its population no 90%. It declared war because of other reasons. Because his allies lost in the neighbouring countries and therefore had to fight everyone.

  7. Imran Khan vs Pakistan.
    In 2014 during container march, Imran Khan ordered his supporters to attack the Parliament building, yet hid himself in container and remained there until coast was clear. This caused a death by heart attack and 2 supporters crushed under other supporters. The war ended when APS school was attacked in KPK, whose administration Imran Khan was responsible for.

  8. In the video it says Japan vs Russia actually they went to war before. Before WW2 broke out. Japan declared war on the Soviet Union after annexing korea.

  9. We don't want to fight but just want to live our religion and will defend our religion from almost anything. I am a part of the church of jesus christ of later day saints (yes I know it's a mouthful but that is the true name of the church)(mormons.) I just wanted to say it because don't want us to seem blood thirsty back then

  10. If Stalin is boss never attack they may look weak sometimes but they got an old friend that is stronger then everything THE WINTER

  11. 3:23
    ,,Most peopel think that Russia's Involvement in Word War II ended when they rolled into Berlin and forced the Nazis to surrender.''

    NO ,just no. That is wrong.
    12.000killed japanese soldiers. WTF, that was a War and anybody knows about it, if they care that stuff. especially Japan and Russia

  12. Does it really count as the longest war in history, if literally everyone forgot there was a war, and stopped fighting, for 300 years?

  13. Excuse me what now? I just got thru my history book and there were no signs of Canada vs Croatia war… Why is this not in my book

  14. Im from croatia and we learn in school about this stuff and never heard of cratia vs canada… we have just been tl feeld trip to vukovar (the city that was most brutaly attack) and we heard stories from people that have been in this war and never once heard about canada

  15. Okay… If the no10 was true. On Croatian celebration of Operation Storm, why are there Canadian soldiers(By Canadian soldiers I meant whole group of UN allies) celebrating the Croatia victory? Hmm… Interesting statement you got there.

  16. No one of my parents ever heard Canada was in war with Croatia. This is one of rarest wars. Me and my friend also challenged in Canada asking if they heard about that war and rarely of them said yes. Like no joke, we really did go asking lol

  17. Canada:

    Loves maple syrup
    Loves Hockey
    Says sorry a lot
    They are strong on the inside.
    They are kind on the outside.

    Be like Canada!

  18. never knew of Canada vs Coratia ever happened. I heard of things as a child but this blew my socks off

  19. I like the ominous music playing in the background anyone know the name of the song playing on the 2nd and last bit of the vid? Please and ty its for a project im working on and it would go great

  20. I was in that Croatian Canada War… I killed 6 Croatians…. 3 by knife 2 by bullets, 1 by strangulation…. best years of my life . 🙂

  21. That's a lie my Church or Prophet did no such thing. Talk to me if you want to know the truth. And we were never blood thirsty then and now.

  22. And the wold needs to atop calling us Mormans. The Church's name is The Church of Juses Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  23. And the wold needs to atop calling us Mormans. The Church's name is The Church of Juses Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  24. Croatia got owned by Canada and they should have watched a hocky match before they attack Canada first

  25. The "Early surrender of Japan" really? Japan was on it's knees by mid 1945. Russian intervention was superfluous. The US Naval blockade and the threat of Nuclear Annihilation would have forced a surrender regardless of what Russia did.

  26. Wait a minute, the Paraguayan War or the War of the Triple Alliance is famous, every alphabetized brazilian, argentinan, paraguayan or uruguayan know about this, there are even memes about it, so this was not completly forgot.
    Edit: also you should have used the brazilian imperial flag, instead of the current one.

  27. Canada vs Croatia: It wasn't so much a secret as it was not publicised. Canada wasn't proud of the conflict because during that period UN reluctance and Croatian obstruction caused them to miss the chance to save a village from ethnic cleansing. Also, it was felt that a full fledged battle during a peacekeeping mission was a potential PR problem. The incident is known as the Battle of Medak Pocket and there are actually a couple of videos about it on Youtube.

  28. I'm a Bulgarian but I never heard about the war between Japan and Montenegro and I find it interesting since nobody talks about it

  29. the crusaders didnt want to take Jerusalem they wanted to take BACK Jerusalem which had fallen victim to muskim agression

  30. Throughout history, man has never needed a good reason to start a war. If not for our technological abilities, we would be just as happy hurling feces at each other.

  31. I'm from Croatia and there was never Canadian vs Croatia war it was us little army without weapon (Croatia) against big army Serbia

  32. Canada V Croatia was part of peacekeeping mission. Canada had just had a nasty peacekeeping mission in Somalia. It was kept a secret because the citizens did want their peacekeepers fighting in wars.

  33. I'm from Brazil. The Paraguay war was put in first place in this list, I'm surprised that this war was remembered by someone outside South America.

    When Paraguay started to run out of manpower Solano Lopes formed batallions of Children to keep fighting the war. In the final battles of the war Brazil had to fight fought against those battalions formed by children.

  34. 🇵🇾 Paraguay

    The world ?!?!

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