【ENG SUB】甜蜜暴击 06 | Sweet Combat 06(鹿晗LUHAN、关晓彤、裴子添、邵雨薇、赵越、李萌萌、丁程鑫主演)

♫ I’m reluctant to fall asleep ♫ ♫ I want to glance at you once more ♫ ♫ The uncertainty.

♫ I’m reluctant to fall asleep ♫ ♫ I want to glance at you once more ♫ ♫ The uncertainty of every day, ♫ ♫ I’m anxious to let you face it alone ♫ ♫ I’m never afraid of exhaustion ♫ ♫ Just scared of you being wronged and crying ♫ ♫ How many tests are there along the way?♫ ♫ Two people leaping over together ♫ ♫ Fearless tomorrow, invincible beliefs ♫ ♫ As long as you’re by my side ♫ ♫ Oh, who cares if it’s cloudy or rainy? ♫ ♫ Oh, love can defeat any danger ♫ ♫ Fearless tomorrow ♫ ♫ I’ll stay with you until the end of the world ♫ ♫ Even if we can’t change the world ♫ ♫ Oh, don’t let the world change you ♫ ♫ Oh, the most sincere eyes ♫ ♫ Combating tomorrow with both hands ♫ ♫ Two people, going on adventures ♫ ♫ Fearless tomorrow ♫ ♫ Fearlessly flying forward ♫ [Sweet Combat] [Episode 6] [Car wash station,
stationery store, cafe] Is he messing with us? His schedule is so full!
How could he spare time for our training. There’s an open time slot here! It’s mine! I saw it first. Hey! Song Xiaomi! – Dibs!
– Song Xiaomi! I understand Zhengze’s rigorous training but they really showed no mercy. Mom, it was not a big deal. If she had took this seriously I would be unable to help you
cook noodles for three days! That’s horrific. Does this still hurt? It’s all right. I think I should
stick a medicinal patch on. No! No! No! This is a mark of love. There’s often a narrow gap
between love and pain. I must slowly savor
this feeling while I can. This is a 3D effect. Enjoy it. Can you leave this strawberry ice cream
for that customer coming in? – Sure, no problem.
– Thank you. Hello, I’ll take strawberry ice cream. You sure are lucky. He save the last
strawberry ice cream for you. [Haowu Fight] Was that the Death Strike? No, that was only
a tenth of the Death Strike. Merely a tenth of its power
and it’s already so formidable. No wonder so many of top fighters
were discouraged by this move. Actually, the one who was best at
this move wasn’t me, but my senior. Unfortunately, he’s already dead. I’m now the only one in this world
who knows how to employ this move. Want to learn it? Yes, so long as
you’re willing to teach me. I can but I have preconditions. Conditions? First, you must have
remarkable aesthetic taste. Even better if you have an appreciation
for the beauty of violence. The beauty of violence? Dad, I’m back! The second condition is that you must be tenacious and
hold fast to the right choice. To be frank, that means
you must be passionate and devoted. Hey, why are you here again? I signed up for the Zhengze Tournament. I need a stronger trainer
to improve my skills. That’s me, your dad. Dad, how could you accept
to train him? Then what about me? Didn’t you tell me to make more money
by accepting more students? I’m just following your orders. But you can’t welcome the guy like him.
I have a grudge against him! I don’t have a grudge against him. Luo, did you come here to
ruin the relationship between my dad and I? – Am I?
– No. – No.
– You… Cheng Dafu, you only have
one choice in this matter! It’s either me or him! It’s up to you! Did you hear that? If you want to learn that move you’ll have to fulfill
the third condition. You come with her
and she comes with you. [Zhengze Tournament
Preliminaries Bracket] [Ming Tian]
[Group A] Captain, I found our names. We’re in the same group for prelims.
I’ll have to ask you to have mercy. Don’t make me look too embarrassed. There’s someone in this bracket who
jumped the ranks. His name is Ming Tian. – You know him?
– Yes. He used to be servant for me. He’s nothing to be afraid of.
He’s a complete rookie. Ming Tian! Come here! Hey, I’m talking to you! Are you deaf or blind? – Yichen, that’s enough.
– It’s okay, Captain. Just yesterday, I beat you
until you knelt and begged. Now you pretend you don’t know me? Where did you get such guts? Students of Zhengze are forbidden from using physical force
outside of a competition arena or they will receive punishment. This is the only reason
you can be so arrogant after your brash display here. Do you understand me? I’m sorry. Our club member
didn’t behavior and took the joke too far. Keep your people in line. You don’t want outsiders to think Zhiying students are
only good at bullying others. I didn’t! Okay, okay. That hurts. Thank you, Fang Yu. I’ll handle this. Ma Yichen, I will train myself seriously. I’ll see you in
the Zhengze Tournament prelims. You… That’s enough. Humiliating. Why was I so impulsive? How could I do that
without thinking it over first? What if people have a misunderstanding? What am I going to do? What would they think? At worst… At worst, they’ll think I like Ming Tian. This is so awkward! Awkward! So awkward! So what? Fang Yu? Fang Yu! What are you doing here? I… I’m tying my shoelaces. You don’t have shoelaces! Fang Yu! Fang Yu? What’s wrong with you? Weirdo. [Zhiying University of Creative Arts] What’s your relation to
that boy at Zhengze? I used to share a desk
with Ming Tian in high school. I heard his dad used to be a boxer. I thought he would have some skill too so I sought him out
a few times to spar with him. He turned out soft as cotton candy
and couldn’t stand a single blow. Merely sparring? Back at Zhengze, I heard you say
you beat him until he knelt and begged. That’s ridiculous. I was just exaggerating. You’re still lying? Ma Yichen, answer me. What is most important rule of
our Boxing Club’s? Bullying is prohibited. Bear that in mind. I had better not hear you
making the same mistake again. That was such a satisfying fight! Try to beat me one day. No problem. What a coincidence! How so? Everybody passes
through here to leave the school. You’re right but I’m not
going the same way! I’m going to work with Ming Tian! Song Xiaomi, give him a break!
Stop breathing down his neck. Such a flirt. Don’t call me a flirt!
Flirts go after just about anybody. Ming Tian is
the only one I’ve liked all along. I think you call me infatuated. Don’t bother Ming Tian. Hang out with us. Who says I’m bothering him? Come on, Ming Tian needs me! Ya’nan, I can’t go with you. Why? I have a date with my grandpa.
My brother is coming to pick me up. That’s okay. I’ll go with Song Xiaomi. Who says I will hang out with you? No way! Yu, is Xiaomi there too?
Give the phone to her. My brother wants to talk to you. What’s up, Cutie? Xiao Mi, I’m Fang Zhou. When will you go on a date with me? Cutie, you’re so smart.
I’m sure you’ve heard this before. No dating children! You need to grow up
if you want to date me out. Bye! Your brother is maturing too soon. Humiliating. Yu, can you bring me along
the next time you go out with Xiaomi? You really want to go out
with Song Xiaomi? When you are taller than me. Xiaomi isn’t that tall either. Why don’t we compare by IQ? I’m certain
I have a much higher IQ than her. Uncle Zhao, go left, not right. – But the restaurant is–
-Do what I say – Okay.
– I have looked into this. The reason for him to ask you to go to this dinner, is taht Chairman Wang has a son
who is about the same age as you. Don’t tell me you want to
leave them with a good impression. Uncle Zhao, take a big detour
after the left turn. Okay. Here you go. I’m only hiring you because
Mr Shen strongly recommended you and said you’re diligent and nimble. Today’s VIP guests
are special in status and identify. No mistakes can be made. Don’t worry. All will go well. – All right, do your best.
– Yes. I’m sorry, everybody. – Sorry, Grandpa.
– Sorry we’re late. You’re one hour late. That’s outrageous. Fang, it’s rush hour. Don’t blame them. Take a seat. – Hello, Uncle Wang.
– Good, good. Sit down. How time flies. You’re all already grown up. Fang Zhou is now
so successful. Very impressive. Thank you for the praise, Uncle Wang. Shi Wei. Do you still remember Fang Yu? I do. Fang Yu, do you remember? We studied in the same elementary school
and we even shared a desk. We were so close back then. You could say we were
childhood sweethearts. Happy birthday. I don’t want your gift! You’re a freak! Freak, freak, freak… Excuse me for a moment. Shi Wei just returned to China. Yu, spend your spare time taking him around. Yes, it’s been so many years. It’s a rare chance that
you two meet again here. Destiny truly does bring people together
no matter how far apart they may be. Grandpa and Uncle Wang, why don’t
we eat first? The food is turning cold. Okay, let’s eat. Excuse me. I am going outside for a while. Look at the two of us.
We’re more anxious than anybody else. Your granddaughter is feeling shy. Come, let’s eat. Dig in. Okay, all right. I’ll call you later. It seems you really don’t remember me. It’s understandable. You don’t show up to any of the reunions. How about this? I will have a birthday party next week. Many people will be attending.
You should come. I remember you really wanted to come
to my birthday party when we were kids. But you rejected me, didn’t you? Because you thought I was a freak. Back in Macau you weren’t even willing to reach out and
help an old lady grab her fruit stand. You preferred to throw money at her.
Now you’re doing the same. Freak. Really?
How come I’ve forgotten? I was young and naive. Honestly, I had actually already
begun to have a secret crush on you. I was just too shy to tell you. Wang Shiwei. You were cuter when you were a kid. At the very least… you were brutally honest back then. Fang Yu? Fang Yu? Hello? It didn’t work. Ms. Fang has always been irritable. She doesn’t change at all. If not because my dad insists
I form some connection with their family I wouldn’t talk to that freak. Fang Yu, this restaurant’s prawns
are quite fresh. Try them. Sorry, I’m allergic to prawns. Waiter, bring us the bottle of ’97 wine. Fang Yu, why don’t you try the crab? Shi Wei, she’s allergic to prawns.
Crabs would naturally be worse for her. It’s such simple logic. Don’t tell me… Fang Zhou. Bring the wine here. Fang Yu, at the presence of our elders I’d like to formally invite you again
to my birthday party. Let me try it. If you refuse me again I’ll be too ashamed
to face Grandpa Fang again. Sorry! Sorry, I’m so sorry. Go away! Bring your manager here! Shi Wei, the waiter
said it was an accident. Don’t be so livid. Fang, I’m sorry to ruin the mood. Doesn’t matter. Chairman Wang, what is the matter? What’s the matter? Look.
Wine has been spilled on a customer. When has the quality of service
here become so poor? I’m so extremely sorry. Don’t be mad. He’s new here and
doesn’t know for sure what to do. Get out of here. I’m very sorry.
I’m so very sorry. We will not charge you for this meal. – Please enjoy yourselves.
– All right. You were fired? I messed up the job.
It was an unavoidable outcome. Did you do that on purpose? It was an accident. As a martial athlete even the smallest movements
cannot escape my sight. Tell me. Why did you help me? I unintentionally overheard
your conversation with him. I’m sorry for calling you a freak before. I didn’t know what have happened to you. Ming Tian, I don’t need your sympathy nor do I need you to stand up for me. I can understand your feeling. No matter how you’ve been hurt… you hate the different views from others. You just want to act
like a common person. It’s quite ridiculous
now that I think about it. We’re entirly different
but we actually have something in common. I don’t think we do. In any case, I sincerely want to apologize to you. I hope you can accept my apology. I’m sorry. Ming Tian. I’ll pay you what you
would’ve made today. – You want to throw money at me again?
– Don’t misunderstand me. You need to take care of your siblings. Money is vital to you. There are many things
more important than money. Whether you needed it or not,
I made my own decision. You’re always the one defending me. Let me help you this time. I gonna go. Wait! At least… At least let me treat you to dinner. Why didn’t you pick a better place? This is the best for me. Ming Tian! Here’s your chow mein. Motehr Hao. Here are your noodles. Be careful. This is Sun Hao’s mother, Mother Hao. – Mother Hao of stir-frying.
– Hi, Mother Hao. If you like spiciness, you can add in
some of my house blend chili sauce. Enjoy. Motehr Hao, don’t worry about us. Thank you. Not used to the food? No. It’s quite good. Watch your hair. Thanks. Don’t mention it. Ming Tian? Fang Yu? – Sun Hao.
– Why are you two here? Mom, they’re my schoolmates. Obviously! They have made self-introduction. Is that your dog? Yes, its name is Best Runner. I noticed it eats a lot though so I might rename it, Biggest Stomach. Fang Yu, how come
you and Ming Tian are eating here? I’m treating Ming Tian a dinner. Sun Hao. Just for my appreciation. That’s all. What? Okay, I know. Sorry, I have to go. Mother Hao, the check. No bill! It’s on the house! – Is that all right?
– It’s fine. Then I’m taking off. – Thank you, Mother Hao.
-Welcome next time. What’s the relationship between
you and Fang Yu have? What else? Schoolmates, just like you. Be serious. There must be more than it
if you two are eating here. Leaving aside the fact that she
previously selected you as her opponent I also heard students of Zhiying gave you
some trouble at school today and Fang Yu immediately
help you to teach them a lesson. If it happened to you,
she would’ve helped you too. Do you hear that tone? You’re evidently showing off
the close relationship you two have. I’m not. By the way, tell me
more information about her. What does she like or not like? How would I know? I don’t know. I’ll get mad if you don’t tell me.
Tell me, come on. Come on. Tell me! She’s afraid of cockroaches.
Does that count? Cockroaches? When she saw that, She’ll jump about. Just like most girls. I really envy you for
seeing such a cute side of her. Let me ask you. Do you feel this way about Fang Yu? No! I don’t. Good. Listen, I am going to pursue her. As my friend you have to help me. Do you support me? Will you? – That’s right!
– Yes. Yu. Are you okay? You left halfway at the dinner. Luckily, I’m quick-witted
and came up with a good excuse so Grandpa wasn’t mad. Thanks. No thanks. You’re my sister. You didn’t eat much at the restaurant. How about I get Ms. Chen
to make some food for you? It’s ok. I already ate
some really delicious chow mein. Which Michelin-starred restaurant
could get you to say “really delicious”? A food stall. Ming Tian took me there. Excuse me? What? Is it that strange that
I went to a food stall? No. It’s just my first time
hearing you eat out with a guy. You even called him Ming Tian.
Now that’s strange. Shut up or I’ll make you
play Slapjack with me all night. No, no. Yu, was the waiter who messed up
at the restaurant today the same KFC delivery boy
who you said is your school junior? He’s Ming Tian, right? He seems quite considerate. When he find you being
pestered by Wang Shiwei he help you out
without hesitation. Be honest. Are you two already… – I’ll go get the cards.
– Okay, okay! I’ll stop talking. Yu, bring me along the next time
you eat out with Ming Tian. I’m going to beat you up! Ming Lang. Come here. Ming Tian, have some too. No, you eat first. Whose is this? This used to be mine when I was a kid. You learned Taekwondo
when you were a kid? Dad taught me some. This should be
fit for you now. Go join the Taekwondo Club. You’re not lying to me, are you?
You’re really permit me to learn Taekwondo? However, let’s agree on
three basic rules first. First, you still have to focus on your study. Second, don’t use
the skills you learned to start fights. And third– Okay, okay! I’ll agree
on anything! I’ll be able to do it! Ming Tian, can I learn it too? Of course. You two can learn it together. Yes! Yes! But why? I did some consideration after hearing
what you two said the other day. I think you two are right. If I’m not even able to protect myself,
how can I protect the ones I love? That’s why I’ve decided. I’ll take part in
the Zhengze Tournament Preliminaries. Wow! That’s so great! My brother is going to be in
the Zhengze Tournament! Ming Tian, can we come watch?
We want to cheer you on! Of course you can. Awesome! I’ll be able to see Queen! I think Queen will be the champion again! I do think so. That’s why you two are so happy? Ming Tian? Fang Yu?
Why are you two here? I’m treating Ming Tian to dinner. Sun Hao. Even if it’s true, you didn’t
have to be so anxious to draw a line. Do you dislike me that much? It’s understandable. He only thinks of me as a spoiled girl
who solves all problems with money. I won’t even use his cup. It’s to be expected
that he doesn’t like me. Chips on cups and plates
can easily hide filth. Just pretend you’re blind. What queen? A single cup is enough to beat you up! I broke your bike last time.
This is my compensation. It’s not the same model but this is
the closest to the one you have. Let me ask you. Do you feel this way about Fang Yu? No, I don’t. Good. I plan on pursuing Fang Yu. As my friend, you have to support me. ♫ The star is scared that, once she blinks, ♫ ♫ the moon will disappear and be gone ♫ ♫ The moon holds her hand ♫ ♫ and promises to stay by her side ♫ ♫ The star and the moon agree to always accompany each other ♫ ♫ Illuminating the world together ♫ ♫ until the day that the moon suddenly♫ ♫ goes back on his promise ♫ ♫ The star hangs on the horizon ♫ ♫ The moon is no longer there ♫ ♫ She doesn’t wish to cry and chooses not to fall ♫ ♫ The star no longer yearns ♫ ♫ She chooses to illuminate the world alone ♫ ♫ Shining in the night without the moon ♫ ♫ On dark nights without you, I’ll keep on shining ♫ ♫ The star is scared that, once she blinks, ♫ ♫ the moon will disappear and be gone ♫

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