【DEATHLY LONELINESS】COMPLETE Breath of the Wild/Warriors Crossover!Bluestar MAP

Remember how you live your life, you’re breathing everyday. Depending on somebody else to lead you on your way. But.

Remember how you live your life, you’re breathing everyday. Depending on somebody else to lead you on your way. But even if they disappear, you’re breathing all the same. But all you do is drag along whomever keeps you safe The people who I cherished and the people I forgot. Relationships that came and went without another thought. Although I felt an inkling this is not how things should be I guess I really didn’t know a single thing. Whatever anyone may say I’ve always been this way And I avert my gaze Away from bonds I severed to this day I cry when I’m alone Even if nobody will know Because Deathly Loneliness strikes on it’s own For all the people’s feelings that I threw off to the side. Although I know I needed them to keep myself alive. The punishment for runng from my duty all those times Has tightened all around my chest It now begins to fight. Before I know it something in my heart begins to change, I wish I had somebody else to share my every day My body feels so numb as I succumb to prickling pain I realise now that solitude is not a strength. Whatever words I said out-loud I know there’s no returning now And, yet again I tell myself It’s fine because it can’t be helped. No matter just how much I cry, No-one will be there by my side, The cracks within my heart run deep with time. So that it wouldn’t break So that I wouldn’t break Athough my hands were shaking I still tried to keep it safe And what a simple feeling I fail, still to comprehend. I held too tight and it broke to pieces In the end. Hugging my knees, I cry in vain. Knowing that not a thing will change. No-one will answer to my useless cries that echo in this room Even the silence of the night. Even the veil of the moonlight. Won’t erase, Won’t erase. What I try to escape and that’s the truth. There’s no way, I can say, All the words hid away So deathly loneliness Has followed me. To this day.

59 thoughts on “【DEATHLY LONELINESS】COMPLETE Breath of the Wild/Warriors Crossover!Bluestar MAP”

  1. grabs into the wild game and blue star’s prophecy puts them together but nothing happends

    I feel betrayed

  2. I had the choice of undertale , breath of the wild , star dew valley , or save the light . I chose undertale like a dumbass

  3. Is deathly loneliness the tittle of the song or the tittle of the map? I really like the song and I would like to know it’s name pls!

  4. Ohhhh…
    So in the description you said that bluestar was as link and I thought it was Zelda aftwr looking at the designs I realized it was lol I was so confused :3

  5. Me: * never read the disc, just saw Zelda and watched *
    Me: "wait a minute…..OH GOD THATS BLUESTAR

  6. WELL

    Why am I commenting this?

  7. 911: what’s your emergency?

    Link: help! My friends have turned into strange cats

    911: this is the job for the fbi…

    This map is beautifully made, and ima be honest, cry-worthy. Sidon I think was a great choice for Oakheart, and the song fits Bluestar really well!

  9. Me: listens to the song
    Also me: gets close to crying bc the book I'm reading blue star is on her last life I feel really bad for her

  10. I don't care if it's a style or anything but this is not what any of them look like and the events are confusing.its heard to see who's who because there wierd style of color

  11. o can see who bluetsra is, she's blue. actually blue owo
    i can see who firestar is. he's pretty cool with his design.
    i dont know any other names oof-

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